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Molly’s class are beginning their 5th year at school. Their first music lesson requires them to choose an instrument to be part of the class ensemble. Molly doesn't warm to any of the instruments that are available, though! This interactive book tells the story of what sounds the students like and dislike, and the reasons behind their opinions. It contains real recordings of instruments played by students at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

Again and again, Molly is unsatisfied with the sounds and tone colours she hears from the different instruments and keeps politely declining the idea of learning each one. Molly ends up being offered to learn how to play percussion, such as Drum Kit, Xylophone, Triangle and Maracas. She gives all these instruments a go and loves it. She can now play an instrument that is not limited to just one sound.

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17 August
Lucy Cantrill
Lucy Cantrill

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Jimmy H ,

Funny story, beautiful illustrations, pro music!

This is such a fabulous book for pre-school and primary school children! We all know children like Molly, who isn’t satisfied with the sounds of any of the instruments that her music teacher is offering her. She is so funny, as are the attempts at playing each instrument! It’s such a funny and beautifully illustrated book for children! But the most amazing thing is that the author is a student at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, and the recordings of instruments are ones professionally produced by her and her peers in that amazing institution. Would be a great book for a normal price - and this is free! Wonderful :)