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'Tony Robbins needs no introduction. He is committed to helping make life better for every investor. Every investor will find this book extremely interesting and illuminatingCarl Icahn, billionaire and investor 

'Tony Robbins is a catalyst for getting people to changeOprah Winfrey 

'Tony Robbins is a genius . . .  His ability to strategically guide people through any challege is unparalleled' Steve Wynn, CEO and Founder of Wynn Resorts 

Tony Robbins, the multimillion-copy bestselling author of Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power has created a 7-step blueprint for securing financial freedom.

Based on extensive research and one-on-one interviews with more than 50 of the most legendary financial experts in the world - from Carl Icahn, to Warren Buffett, to Jack Bogle and Steve Forbes. 

Robbins has a brilliant way of using metaphor and story to illustrate even the most complex financial concepts - making them simple and actionable. With expert advice on our most important financial decisions, Robbins dispels the myths that often rob people of their financial dreams.

Money: Master the Game contains expert advice for readers of every income level, providing guidance through the steps to become financially free by creating a lifetime income plan. This book delivers invaluable information and essential practices for getting your financial house in order. It's the book millions of people have been waiting for.

Body, Mind & Spirit
18 November
Simon & Schuster UK
Simon and Schuster Australia Pty Ltd.

Customer Reviews

gosroc ,

To counter the other review...

I noticed that even though most readers gave this five stars, the only written reviewer gave one star. Anyway here is another opinion at least provide an overdue counter perspective. In Australia the most popular book on wealth building is the ‘Barefoot Investor”. I happen to have been on a Board with a former a director of Hostplus, the low cost index based super fund that Scott Pape recommends. I asked him about the effect of this recommendation, and he said “it’s great. Every year more people get his recommendation and invest in the fund. We don’t ask for any endorsement, it just happens.” My point is that this book is a bigger, even more generous version of The Barefoot Investor. It is taking off your training wheels, by providing actionable insights from some of the greatest investors in history, due to Tony Robbins unique reach. Whatever you think of Tony Robbins, I would urge you to leave any prejudices at the door and crack the spine of this enormously generous financial educational gift. Him and Scott Pape do sing from the same hymnal. They both understand and explain the egregious impact of fees, the advantages of passive investing, compounding, all of it. This book just brings another layer of education (probably several), and explains everything better, because (again whatever you think) Tony is a world class communicator. It’s a generous act. He doesn’t enjoy writing books, even though every time he does, they are best sellers. He is donating 100% of sales to good causes. One of Tony’s secrets are that he cares. It is true that this book is American-centric, but it is important to appreciate that if you are totally Australian-centric than you will skew your investments into one economy - ours. This book helps to clarify why that is NOT a good idea - in fact it’s a terrible one. (For example, it’s controversial - but what if a big northern neighbour invaded Australia and Trump said “to hell with Australia, they’ve been robbing us blind...” ? Because Trump would totally do that if it would help him politically.) Well that would be a Black Swan event- but a truly international investment strategy could make ALL the difference.)

Do yourself a favour. Buy this and read it. And in doing so, through your financial success, you may find that you end up able to do many other favours for other people in need. This virtuous cycle is a theme of this book. Funny, but I found myself spontaneously donating this book to a friend at the end, so it definitely has impacted me, and will positively impact that person too I believe - exactly as intended.

Doc JJ ,


This book is quite disappointing. It is difficult to establish what the key messages are. Furthermore the book goes onto endorse specific companies and products - instead of empowering the reader with knowledge of how to make their own choices.

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