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Give Your Child a Headstart in Holistic Education, So He or She Can Develop Into a Well-Rounded, Self-Confident and Independent Individual  

In the late 19th century, a revolutionary education system was proposed for children from when they were toddlers until when they are 12 years old. The entire tenet of this system was based upon promoting education in an environment where the little ones could function independently.

Maria Montessori, a physicist by profession, laid the foundation for the Montessori Method of Education in 1897 and began to operate her school in 1907 from her apartment. Children were encouraged to interact with other children and were not restricted to follow a rigid structure.

The result was astonishing. Children actually began to show interest in what they were learning and started to show signs of taking more responsibility by proactively pursuing their work. However, the most challenging part revolved around getting toddlers started on the program.

That is where this spectacular book comes into play. It contains expert advice on how to hand-hold your toddler in the early years until he or she is ready to begin the amazing journey independently by him or herself.

Some of the common challenges that this guide will address will be:

Understanding the core of the Montessori system

Know the specific needs of your toddler

How do you set up your home classroom

Discover your role in the whole process

How to integrate the Montessori system into your toddler's everyday life

Communicating with your child in his or her own way

Keeping your child motivated 

… and much more!

Ever since its launch in 1907, the Montessori system has taken the world by storm. It has made a great difference in the lives of millions of people and that is testament to its success. Your child deserves an education that is part of everyday life and you, as a parent, need to play a big part in it. In this way, not only will you foster a stronger bond with him or her but guarantee his or her success in future endeavors whether it be further education or pursuit of a career. This book will be your indispensable source in helping you to achieve this. It will provide you with a framework and walk you through the entire process.

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8 October
Emma Ross
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