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Most of my numerous past lives, Ive been a teacher/trainer. So much of the information in this book has been given to me by my Angel Guides. The rest is from teachers, guides, or classes Ive had, as well as life experiences of my past and my current life as a teacher/trainer. I have learned and believe that more than 90 percent of all our problems, unhappinesseven paincomes from our past experiences. So its time to let it go, and Ill show you how!

I believe there are only two emotionslove and fear. Other emotions and feelings are derivatives of them, with love being the powerful positive and fear the negative. I also believe the opposite of love is not hate, but apathy. Hate has emotions attached, but apathy is not caringits the absence of emotions. And I believe love is more powerful than fear or hate, as it can overcome them when the love is honest. To reach a point of you being happy means to learn how to releaseto let go of all your past stuff through steps in this book with exercises. While I will repeatedly say that change and everything else is a choice, most people wont accept that. They rationalize or believe their obligations or whatever will not allow them to do so. But as you read through the seventy various directed parts and try some of the exercises, you will see how truly amazing being free from your past can be. This is not about organized religion; its my thirty years in spirituality. Its found within a few religions, but no religion is within spirituality. It is considered the singular, personal connection to Mother/Father God/Universe-Source, since that power is within each individual to have and use as promised through the Holy Spirit. This is about finding ones own path for your destined journey.

Author of the Memoir, Choices, Changes & Friends: 1970s After Divorce, with degrees in psychology, marketing, and English bilingualbi-cultural studies in graduate school. Ive traveled to thirty-six countries and forty states. I lived in six and in Japan for seven years as a corporate business trainer. I worked ten years in HR management in San Francisco and as a life coach-teacher.

25 January

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