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She was only supposed to be a one-night stand…

You know why banned books are bestsellers? Because everyone wants what they can’t have. And I want Macey McCaslin. I want her sassy mouth driving me wild, and her luscious curves under my hands. In a barn, in a bed, on a table. Whenever. Wherever.

But Macey’s off-limits. So far off-limits, my brother Jason might kill me if he found out about us. He thinks I’m nothing more than a skirt-chasing manwhore not worthy to lick the dirt off her sexy little feet. And I’m definitely that, but ask me if I care? Because one taste of Macey was all it took to make me an addict. This may cost me everything, but I’m not staying away.

A Racy new series from USA Today Bestselling Author, Tessa Layne

22 January
Shady Layne Media
Shady Layne Media

Customer Reviews

MLCreads ,

Austin and Macey

This is a hot and steamy romance between playboy Austin and single mum Macey. These two should have stayed well away from each other but they couldn't and what starts out as a no strings attached hook up ends up being so much more. Lots of family drama and angst add to the story line.

Kylieacko1969 ,

I’ve found another new favourite author

My first Tessa Lane book and I’m hooked. (I didn’t realise there was an original series and this is a spin off one so I’ll have read the others now.)
I love that this is written from the alpha males perspective. Initially, he’s so cocky that it’s almost off putting but as his walls come down with Macey and the story evolves, you can definitely see the good guy come through. Their down and dirty moments in the bedroom (tasting room, barrelling room, car...) are super hot and make me truly envious!
Setting the book in the wine world was really interesting too. It seemed well researched and woven through the story to give it a full bodied feel (and away from the usual office/boardroom stories).
A very sexy story with characters I liked and wanted to see get together. A definite recommendation.

SnickDreams ,

Where more than the wine is at stake…

Austin and Lacey, this is their journey and story, set amidst the grapes and heart of the vineyards, where they will learn much, test each others patience, all the while teaching Austin so much more about the wines his family grows… 

Dynamic and such heated chemistry - they both have the pages in this story set to sizzling! Each hold a past that they’d rather avoid at all costs. When you want something badly, you go after her with all you’ve got, even when it goes completely against your every rule.

Learning to trust yourself, learning to forgive and move on from the past isn’t always easy no matter how hot the chemistry. Until the past can be faced, and changes made can love be the ultimate prize. 

I wasn’t sure at first if I was going to be totally invested in this book… Through the pages I read, there is more than the surface level of what Austin’s playboy confidence and arrogance conveys to what he wants the world to see. In fact there is so much more to all of the characters. Tessa Layne is a new author for me and her story, MR PINK, a joy to read. I know I want to continue reading the books that make up this series and it’s connected series, getting to know all of the characters, their friendships/family dynamics, and most of all… their stories.

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