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I can’t borrow him. 

He’s not a sweater or a skirt. 

He’s not even her favorite dress—the lucky one she wears on first dates. The one she probably wore on her first date with him. 

In my defense, I didn’t know who he was. To me, he was a cool, calm, confident stranger. He was perfection for the entire hour and a half train ride while the concrete jungle turned into a rolling green landscape. 

To an outsider, we probably appeared more friends than hopeful lovers. But my blush came quickly, and his dimples indented with every smile. We definitely shared a spark of what could be. 

Too bad I didn’t know who he was before I fell for him, because he can’t be mine.

18 February
Piper Rayne Incorporated
Piper Rayne, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Erin Lewis aka Maimeo's ,

Great start to a new series

Book one in an exciting new series from Piper Rayne and if My Bestie's Ex is anything to go by this will be another fabulous series.

Whenever I see the name Piper Rayne, I know I am in for an entertaining read and My Bestie's Ex was no exception. From the first to the last chapter, I was riveted to the roller coaster story that the authors wove.

I loved the character of Blanca Mancini from the first time she was mentioned in the White Collar Brothers series and I have been waiting patiently for her to get her own story.

Blanca needs a complete change and when fate re connects her with her childhood best friend, she decides to take a chance and move to a small town; a new start that’s what she believes she needs.

When she meets Ethan on a train, the chemistry sizzles and the sparks fly between them. When they meet again as co workers, the attraction is just as intense as when they first met.

As the story unfolds, complications will arise. What happens when the one you fall for, is the one you cannot have? The path to true love does not run smoothly and for Blanca and Ethan it may be unreachable.

I really loved Blanca and Ethan. Blanca is such a strong, sassy, feisty woman and Ethan was swoon worthy. The banter between them had me laughing out loud at time. The characters were entertaining and you cannot help but become invested in Blanca and Ethan’s story.

The secondary characters were just as much fun and I cannot wait to see what Piper Rayne has in store for The Rooftop Crew.

Jaxwright57 ,

Great start to a new series

Some books are special from the first page, from the moment you are are introduced to characters and from the moment you realise these are people you can connect with, well this book is all of those things and so much more, it captivated me, it had me hooked and I loved the friendships and the banter the characters shared in this new series The Rooftop Crew. What can you say about Bianca Mancini that hasn’t been said before well we have meet her in previous books but now it’s time for her to get her own story and what a story she has to tell and let me tell you all I’m sure by the end of her tale you will all be wishing she was your best friend. Bianca needs a fresh start so she decides to move to a small town to start over, a new job and a new home may just be what is needed but what about a new man ...... Ethan travels back to New York every Sunday and it’s on one of those trips that he meets Bianca, the chemistry is sizzling the banter is witty and truth be told they never expected to meet again.... the last thing either of them expected was to be co-workers ....... This story has a lot more to it than two co-workers falling for each other and the path to true love can sometimes be a bumpy road with a few twists and turns along the way in fact nothing in this book is predictable and that’s one of the things I loved about it. The story is entertaining, the characters are adorable and I loved the laugh out loud moments as well as the holding my breath while swooning moments, I loved it all and if this book is anything to go by Piper Rayne will have another hit series. I really can’t wait to see where we are taken with the next book in The Rooftop Crew Series.

Marina Skinner ,

So flipping amazing!

You know you are onto a winner when the banter and friendships in this story just hook you from the very beginning!
I loved reading about Blanca Mancini!
Quite frankly I just want be her friend!
Yeah yeah fictional story blah blah! But in all seriousness this book had my heart thomping for a beautiful HEA!
I just loved everything about this kind of story! It just goes to show you can’t help who you are attracted to!
The male character is rather charming in a kind of nerdy way but hes also rather witty too and obviously cares deeply for those that can get close to him!
I felt like these two were a match made in heaven but what happens when friends find out, will their friendship stand the test or are things destined to fail??
So flipping amazing and honestly a fantastic start to a new series! Literally so excited for more!!!!

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