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Martha Smith is an ordinary secretary living an ordinary life. But when she unwittingly barges into her boss, billionaire extraordinaire Mr. Breedlove's lavish office to return his wallet, she's taken on an adventure filled with love and lust that she will never forget!

Join them on their journey right here with 3 sizzling tales of love, lust, money and the paranormal!

Story list:

My Billionaire Boss's Demonic Secret (Paranormal Alpha Male Erotica)

There is something off about Mr. Breedlove, and Martha Smith definitely noticed. But she's a mere secretary, her world and his are too different for her to pry. So when Martha finds the wallet that he dropped, she seizes this opportunity to find out more about her intensely sensual boss. Little does she expect Mr. Breedlove to harbor secrets so unbelievable she can't help but fall deeper for him!

My Billionaire Boss's Demonic Secret 2 (Paranormal Alpha Male Erotica)

Chased by a frightening, naughty demon, Martha Smith runs screaming out onto the street in the middle of the night. But when billionaire, demon whisperer, Sebastian Breedlove comes to the rescue, Martha finds herself falling ever so deeper for the man of her dreams.

My Billionaire Boss's Demonic Secret 3 (Paranormal Alpha Male Erotica)

Coming in to work the next day, all the employees of Breedlove Industries are shocked to see their Chairman, President and CEO, Sebastian Breedlove, walking with Martha Smith, a mere secretary. Martha's embarrassed by the attention and has lingering questions about their relationship on her mind. But when he stops the elevator they're riding up to his office alone, Sebastian takes the chance to make everything clear...

Fiction & Literature
22 February
Annabel Bastione
Smashwords, Inc.

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