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Kat's brother has been staying with her for a while after being kicked out of his apartment by his girlfriend. Though she's happy to have him, the arrangement is more than a little frustrating at times. Her brother is self-centered and inconsiderate, unable to even clean up his own mess. When he invites his friends over to spend the evening in her house without asking first, she is more than a little irritated. It fades slightly when he reveals that, Jason, his best friend, will be joining them. Kat had been secretly in love with Jason while growing up, and the thought of seeing him again after so many years awakens some long forgotten desires.

Her brother exits to go fetch snacks at the store, leaving Kat with the house to herself for a while. Enjoying the peace and quiet, she dozes off, only to be woken by a knocking on the door. She knows it has to be Jason, but her nervousness about seeing him again after such a long time prevents her from rushing to the door. When she pulls it open, she finds herself staring at one of the sexiest, handsome men she has ever seen. The sexual attraction is instant, and she has to actively force herself not to reach out and touch him.

Still waiting for her brother to show back up, Kat and Jason catch up on all of the things they have missed over the years, and enjoy a few cold beers. A phone call from her brother lets them know that they can stop waiting. He isn't coming back that evening. Desperate to keep Jason in her house, she offers to play some video games with him, and he eagerly accepts…but with a condition. He wants them to play in a truth or dare fashion. The winner of each round gets to dare the other to do something crazy. Intrigued, Kat accepts. The game starts innocently enough with him forcing her to admit she's attracted to him, but it doesn't stay innocent for long. When he dares her to kiss him, things get heated very fast, and Kat finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of pleasure and desire. His sensual whispers and seductive caresses soon break down her resistance, and she allows herself to fall for her brother's best friend.

**This sizzling romance is intended for adult readers only, 18+, as it contains adult situations, language, and explicit sexual content.

Fiction & Literature
4 June
Eden Devoe
Smashwords, Inc.

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