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The saga continues with the vampire Eira and an immortal Elvin from the Veil. Join me in Sanctuary again for an adventure that will knock the breath from your chest, bring tears to your eyes, and keep you turning the pages all night. Its Werewolves, Djinn, Dragons, Vampires, and more!

The last time he saw her, his sword was in her chest.


Inner demons have haunted Killían North since he killed the only woman he ever loved on a battlefield a thousand years ago...at least he thought she’d died. He unexpectedly gets a second chance to win her heart again, if he can just stay alive to do it. Evil lurks around every bend in the road. Magick, romance, and heart-pounding suspense greet them at every turn. But he’s determined to find a happily-ever-after with the woman he loves no matter what.

The last time she saw him, she was dying...


When the werewolf rescue squad Eira Rennir sets off with is ambushed by SECR military forces, she barely makes it away with her life. Willing to do anything to save her friends, Eira agrees to the mysterious destiny in Sanctuary she’s been avoiding for months. 

Only with help from Sanctuary, can they find a way to save her friends from the treachery of Xerxes and forge a new destiny with each other in a world that’s been torn apart by hatred and prejudice. 

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
1 June
KS Publishing
Crystal Johnston

Customer Reviews

Vonniemayt ,

My Eternal Soldier

Third book in the series. I found this one a little different to the first two. Centred more around the two main characters Teagan and Killian. A real love story with a twist to the end.

Kristy Heinicke ,

Each book just gets better.....

I received an ARC of 'My Eternal Soldier' from Krystal Shannan, in exchange for an honest review.

Having just finished reading 'My Eternal Soldier' & I'm totally blown away buy it all... Krystal's "Sanctuary, Texas" series just keeps getting better with each book added to it. If you haven't read the first 2 books of the series, I strongly suggest you go grab a copy & start reading them before you hit 'My Eternal Soldier'.

Set no long after book 2 finished, Vampire Eira is helping her beloved Mason pack rescue werewolves & bring them to safety. It's during an attemp at getting a family through the borders were Eira is badly injured & finding a hidding spot so the daylight doesn't kill her, so stumbles into a barn.... Only when the owner of the barn shows up, it's like her past has hit her in the face, how can he be alive??? Killian has had nothing back darkness take over his life, first the love of his life dies during battle then disappears before she can be baried. Then centuries later his last remining family member, his brother is killed....

I'm leaving it at that, you'll have no spoilers from me.... after reading that much though, I feel like I should be re-reading the book or even the series again. I was quicly pulled into the story about Eira & her chance to find some lightness after centuries sorrounded by darkness. I couldn't put the book down no matter how hard I tried, I was hynotised by the words. I especially loved seeing how main characters from the previous books were brought in, so we got a glimps into how they are going too. I can't wait to read what happens next in the "Sanctuary, Texas" series.

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