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A collection of six stories that is sure to heighten sexual interest and exploration as I retell some events of my own sexual experiences and orientation. Stories include everything from multiple partners to exceptional toy play, and many oral situations.  A collection of 6 deliciously hot stories to heat up the night. Follow me as I enjoy several FIRSTS in my sexual exploration.


Warning: 18+ ONLY This title contains erotic situations, graphic language, oral sex, light bondage, girl-girl play, new way to play strip poker!



After having a wonderfully romantic dinner, my husband opened the door and helped me in the car. Knowing how much he likes to stare at my legs, I crossed them and hiked my skirt up so he could get a great view of the top of my stockings. When he opened the door, I could see that he appreciated the view by the bulge in his pants.

"Where to now, my dear? How about a moonlit stroll?" he asked.

Leaning my seat back, I muttered, "Surprise me."

Wow, I was so wet. All through dinner I kept imagining what effect I had on him. I felt like I was on display as he slid his hand up my thigh. Between the alcohol and his touch, I was ready for just about anything... at least that is what I thought.

"Why don't we go shopping for a new toy?"  I couldn't believe it slipped out of my mouth.

We walked into an adult bookstore that I had never seen before. I felt like all eyes in the place were focused on me. I was, I guess, the only woman in the place. I watched several men walk through a curtain covered doorway near the back.

"What is that?" I asked my husband.

"Booths. Place to watch videos," he answered.

I tugged on his shirt sleeve to indicate that I wanted to see. So, my husband grabbed my hand and walked me through the curtain. I actually felt a little more comfortable the moment I realized that we were in a long, dark hallway. I had almost felt like I was the main attraction as almost everyone in the store seemed to be staring at me.

We walked down past several booths until we found one empty. We slipped inside and made ourselves as comfortable as possible. My husband put a 5 dollar bill in and selected a movie. I sat on the bench staring at his ***. As he turned around, I instinctively reached for his ****. He grabbed my wrist and pushed it away. "Not yet."

Confused, he explained that I was about to get the biggest surprise of my life. "Laura, tonight we shall scratch another fantasy off the list."

Fiction & Literature
1 March
Sea Island Press
Sea Island Press

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