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James Bulger was just a few weeks shy of his third birthday when, on 12 February 1993, he wandered away from his mum Denise in a shopping mall in Bootle. Grainy images from a security camera showed him trustingly holding the hand of ten-year-old Jon Venables as they walked away. Venables and his friend Robert Thompson murdered James, in a crime that shocked the world.

In this haunting book, James' father Ralph describes how his world fell apart in the days that followed. In his darkest hours he drank to numb the pain, and the stress tore his marriage apart. He tells how he learned to cope with his grief, but the sorrow of James' death has never left him.

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1 March
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Customer Reviews

Lovey-40 ,

RIP little James

I write this review with the heaviest of hearts I am from Australia who remembers the day the news broke of little James horrific murder I remember crying so utterly devastated at the events that had occurred at the time I had a little boy who was also the same age as James I remember the whole of Australia was brought to there knees in pure shock anger disbelief that what we were reading seeing news bulletins every ten minutes it was so over whelming at times we were just left speechless as the horrendous reality of what happened surfaced through the media and pictures were just indescribable at times I thought I couldn't breath I choose to read this book out of huge respect for both parents and family's involved to read there in a most grief and understanding for there little James how I read through my tears it took awhile and many many tissues but I have just finished it is a book not for the faint hearted it has some very graphic reading at times and details every step of the way as to little James last moments of life your pain was at times gut wrenching I could feel that in your words but I kept on reading your honesty you poured your guts out as any father in your situation would of I feel guilty even praising this wonderful story from your heart and soul as this read is due to a little boy who lost his life I would recommend this book highly to readers with a heart and soul and grieve with you at your loss of beautiful little James you brought him back to life in this book and I bet he is walking beside u every day why do u think you have both stayed so strong thank you for sharing James with us i will never forget his smile

Roblox_Angel26 ,


I am really sad and feel sorry for everyone who knew James personally. He seems like a very kind person and i hope the killers feel ashamed of themselves thoroughly. This story was worldwide and I give my condolences to James’s family. May you Rest In Peace, James Bulger. 😭

SapphireMusic ,

Absolutely heartbreaking

My heart goes out to the family of James. Many years have passed but from Ralph’s telling, he still struggles everyday as a father who lost his son in the most barbaric way. Very well written and very compelling. Highly recommended.