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Imagine this. You're 50 years old. An only child, from a Jewish family. The people you thought of as your mother and father are dead.

Then, in the middle of the night you get a phone call from the other side of the planet telling you they've found your mother. Alive. Your real mother. Suddenly, you become the oldest of seven across two families. All your assumptions about yourself are swept away.

From Ground Zero, you begin a journey of rediscovery to reclaim your identity. But the truths you gather are relative, subjective. Like speculating on the nature of the universe from the perspective of one planet and then again from another. 

My Planets is in fact a suite of works – a physical book; an enhanced eBook incorporating images, music, sound and video with spoken word and text, a film. Like most of David P Reiter's work, it challenges the boundaries, changing shape with the message, inviting the reader to time-travel on a Tardis of the mind.

Making his planets your own.

David Reiter is an award-winning poet and writer of fiction, and Director of IP, an innovative print and digital publisher in Brisbane. His fourth book, Hemingway in Spain and Selected Poems, was shortlisted for the Adelaide Festival Awards. His previous books include The Cave After Saltwater Tide (Penguin, 1994) for which he won the Queensland Premier's Poetry Award. His book of short fiction, Triangles, was shortlisted for the Steele Rudd Award.

IP released his novel Liars and Lovers in 2003, and The Greenhouse Effect, a junior novel in the Project Earth-mend Series is now, in its 2nd edition, being developed into a film.

He's completed a full-length DVD film of Hemingway in Spain. Real Guns is a children's picture book illustrated by Irish artist Patrick Murphy. Global Cooling, a sequel to The Greenhouse Effect, was released in 2008. His most recent works are Primary Instinct, a satire on primary school education, Tiger Tames the Min Min, the third Project Earth-mend novel and the short film Nullarbor Song Cycle.

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