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'I was prime minister for three years and three days.Three years and three days of resilience.Three years and three days of changing the nation.Three years and three days for you to judge.'

On Wednesday 23 June 2010, with the government in turmoil, Julia Gillard asked Prime Minister Kevin Rudd for a leadership ballot.

The next day, Julia Gillard became Australia's 27th prime minister, and our first female leader. Australia was alive to the historic possibilities. Here was a new approach for a new time.

It was to last three extraordinary years.

This is Julia Gillard's chronicle of that turbulent time, a strikingly candid self-portrait of a political leader seeking to realise her ideals. It is her story of what it was like - in the face of government in-fighting and often hostile media - to manage a hung parliament, build a diverse and robust economy, create an equitable and world-class education system, ensure a dignified future for Australians with disabilities, all while attending to our international obligations and building strategic alliances for our future. This is a politician driven by a sense of purpose - from campus days with the Australian Union of Students, to a career in the law, to her often gritty, occasionally glittering rise up the ranks of the Australian Labor Party.

Refreshingly honest, peppered with a wry humour and personal insights, Julia Gillard does not shy away from her mistakes, admitting freely to errors, misjudgements, and policy failures as well as detailing her political successes. Here is an account of what was hidden behind the resilience and dignified courage Gillard showed as prime minister, her view of the vicious hate campaigns directed against her, and a reflection on what it means - and what it takes - to be a woman leader in contemporary politics.

Here, in her own words, Julia Gillard reveals what life was really like as Australia's first female prime minister.

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24 September
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Customer Reviews

JasonVirgo ,

Fantastic behind the scenes thinking

I was very disappointed to have bought the book while on Christmas Island and I couldn't download it properly for some god damn reason. Other books would download ok. Finally got to download and read it when I got to the mainland. Very interesting read. I was glad Gillard some what held back from being too bitter about Rudd. I found it interesting to see Gillards thought processes and her in depth explanations of policy decisions or political actions. I wish all political leaders had dedicated column space to directly explain in depth these issues more regularly. Her respect will only grow with more people reading this book.

Sydneyboy81 ,

A wonderful political memoir

A brutally honest account from the former Prime Minister.
I wasn't a supporter of Gillard during her Prime Ministership, but found this book fascinating in its scope, and powerful in its honesty.
Highly recommend.

Mattsgh ,

First PM, what a great read!!!

First time I have ever read a politicians book, however JG doesn't disappoint great read and gives a great insight what it was to be the first female PM of Australia.

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