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A collection of short stories from new voices - the breaking edge cross-currents of mystery, fantasy, science fiction, and romance.

From our authors at Midwest Journal Press - from works published between November and December 2018.

Worlds new or perhaps re-visited - but only you will know if this is the stuff of dreams - or nightmares.

 - A ghost haunted by her death, since she only appears each year for a few hours, she has little time to work out how she died, and keep it from happening again.

 - When the amateur detective becomes haunted, it's up to those he's saved to rescue him from his own worst nightmares.

 - How do you solve someone's problem when they are haunting themselves? A recurring post-apocalypse scenario that only loops on an immortal being trapped at its center, and able to kill anyone who tries to help her.

 - A Smart Home who kicks out the owners, reassigns their title, and turns off the lights in the neighborhood - except for the red and green lights that pulse in an ominous, haunted glow.

 - And the saga of a moon colony escapee named Sue. Who only wants to rescue her own family from that prison. All she has to work with is a decimated human population pushed into a new Dark Age, sentient telepathic animals, spirit-form elementals - and no space flight available to take anyone across those 240,000 miles of empty space in between...

Anthology containing:

Clocktower Mystery by S. H. MarpelSmart Home Revenge by S. H. Marpel & R. L. SaundersFinding Grace by S. H. MarpelThe Mystery of Meri by S. H. MarpelTime Bent by S. H. MarpelWhen the Crow Calls by C. C. BrowerTotem by C. C. BrowerMoon Bride by C. C. Brower, S. H. MarpelThe Moon Cleaner by C. C. Brower, S. H. MarpelBlood Moon by C. C. Brower, S. H. MarpelMoon Shadow by C. C. Brower, S. H. MarpelMoon Queen by C. C. Brower, S. H. MarpelMoon Rebels by C. C. Brower, S. H. MarpelAlice in the Moon by C. C. Brower, S. H. Marpel

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Fiction & Literature
24 March
Living Sensical Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

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