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Kalia Mahigan has the day off and a great view of Tate Macon, her sexy, shirtless neighbor, mowing his front lawn. As she relaxes to pleasure herself to thoughts of his toned, tan physique, Kalia could never imagine the incredible secret Tate protects. Lulled into a sense of suburban security by her humdrum job, Kalia carries on her daily life believing nothing very interesting could ever happen to her.
Everything changes when Tate decides to share his secret, one she must now guard at all costs. Allowed into a world beyond her wildest imagination, Kalia begins to learn about the instrumental role she will play in the legacy of the Nightworld Pack. Swept into Tate Macon’s strange and fascinating life as a werewolf, Kalia finds out more about her Initiation into the Pack. Tate takes his beloved before the Nightworld Council. In order to become his Mate for life, Kalia must undergo an intensive, and invasive, medical exam by the Pack’s doctor and his assistant. Her lover watching lustfully nearby, the medics thoroughly prepare Kalia for her upcoming Transformation. Once the medical team has given her their approval, she is ready to be taken by the members of the Nightworld Council. About to change her life irreversably, Kalia never looks back as she bonds herself to Tate and his Pack forever.

***Warning! This 21,500 word paranormal erotica romance fantasy e-book bundle contains explicit, graphic sexual scenes portraying a divorced housewife being ravished by her werewolf neighbor and his Packmates. Contents include scenes depicting multiple partners, group sex, double penetration, dp, oral sex, werewolf sex, doctor/patient scenes, rough sex, triple penetration, anal sex, first time anal, imprinting, shapeshifting, exhibitionism, voyeurism, lycanthropy, paranormal transformation, mmf and mmmf scenes.


Nightworld #1: Claimed by the Alpha’s Son
Nightworld #2: Throw Me to the Wolves
Nightworld #3: Joining the Pack

Fiction & Literature
25 April
Serpent Publications
Smashwords, Inc.

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