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Lindsey Danvers, editor at Grayden Publishing, is shocked when she reads a manuscript entitled Grave Secrets by Peter Blake. The story mirrors her famous mother’s tragic death. With one exception. Her mother’s death wasn’t caused by a fall down the stairs of their Fifth Avenue Manhattan duplex. She had been deliberately pushed. And the NYPD covered up the crime.

Lindsey tries to interest the police in reopening the case. There’s no statute of limitations on murder and all she wants is the truth. The detective she speaks with tells her the case is closed. Jack Hunter, crime reporter for The New York Tribune, is intrigued by the redheaded beauty and he and wants to know who she is and why she’s there.

Excited at the prospect of what might turn out to be a blockbuster story and win him a Pulitzer, Jack waits for her outside the precinct. He convinces her to have coffee with him and tells her he is willing to help her investigate her mother’s death in exchange for an exclusive. She refuses. But Jack is sure that if he can find out the name of the investigating detective, Lindsey might change her mind.

Lindsey meets with Peter Blake and begs him to withdraw his manuscript. He refuses and she’s overheard threatening him. Jack calls and asks her to dinner. She’s reluctant but is swayed by the fact that he’s been able to obtain the name and address of Charles Besco, the detective who investigated her mother's death.

Lindsey wants to meet Besco alone but Jack is adamant they go together. He doesn’t trust her. After the meeting with the retired detective, Lindsey believes that her mother’s death was an accident. Jack is convinced the detective is lying.

Heading back to Manhattan the next day, they stop for lunch at a restaurant not far from Besco’s house and learn that a retired New York City cop drowned earlier that morning. Lindsey and Jack suspect he was murdered.

Without confiding in Jack, she calls Peter Blake at his hotel and asks for a meeting. She decides to use the money her mother left her and pay him not to publish the book. He agrees to see her but she never gets the chance to make the offer. She finds him dead in his hotel room. Before she can call 911, a housekeeper walks in and finds her kneeling over the author’s body.

Her father, Mark Danvers, is one of Hollywood’s most sought after directors. He’s furious with her and afraid the bad press will reflect negatively on him. He tells her to come to Silvercup Studios in Queens where he’s filming. Left alone on one of the sets, while her father finishes shooting for the day, someone locks her in one of the prop coffins. Her father discovers her and calls the police to report it. The detective who arrives on the scene insinuates that it might have been a stunt to throw suspicion on someone else for Peter Blake's murder.

Jack is convinced her father’s guilty and just needs the missing piece of the puzzle. When he finally has it in his possession, an attempt is made on his life. In order to keep Lindsey safe and under twenty-four hour police surveillance, he publicly accuses her of trying to kill him. She’s stunned and can’t believe the man she has come to trust and love would make such an accusation.

On a flimsy pretext, her mother's murderer lures her to Silvercup Studios, sets a fire, and leaves her there to die. Jack rescues her and before she leaves the hospital, he heads to the West Coast. He has the story she promised him.

On his return, Lindsey agrees to meet him for dinner and he tells her he loves her. But she’s quit her job and without the money her mother left her, can’t afford to stay in New York. He tells her it doesn’t matter. Neon Films has purchased the rights to her story and wants the two of them to collaborate on the screenplay. She won’t go back on her word. It’s his story. No, he insists, our story. And just the first of many.

9 May
Suzy Zeller
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