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I've known three things about myself forever.

I'm a slave, slated to serve the feline king as oracle, and I'm hideous.

The last one hurts the most, but the people in the palace never fail to make sure I know it and know it well.

But things always change, and finally, it's my turn.

Unfortunately, a snap decision brands me a murderer.

I'm forced to flee, but fate shines her face on me.

In the process of running, I bump into the most handsome human male I've ever laid eyes on.

Even in my embarrassment as a murderer, I am more concerned with hiding my ugliness than getting help, but he will have none of it.

Is he the savior my mentor spoke of? The one that would free me from myself completely?

I sure hope so.


I've always been the smart one in the family. Such is life.

But a chance arises to help my brother's new mate, and I'm all in.

Adventure calls and gives me a task.

To kidnap the oracle of the Vanfian race. A feline race of beings that's said to be deadly and disgusting.

And this witch happens to belong to the king of the felines himself. Lovely.

Supposedly, the oracle is said to be grotesque, but someone got the definition wrong.

This woman is beyond beautiful and needs my help unlocking her powers.

And there's only one way we can make it happen… her loss of innocence.

The Vartik King Chronicles is planned as a sexy Sci-Fi Standalone series where eight siblings get an adventure and find love in the galaxies beyond home. Come join this new adventure and fall in love with the world I've created. Each book can be read separately and out of order! Enjoy.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
17 November
BrixBaxter Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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