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Catch Me If You Can

Child psychiatrist Dr. Ingrid Roth has kept herself aloof from the residents of North Pole. She knows she’s viewed as icy and unapproachable, but she’s still too raw from an abusive past to want to get close to anyone.

North Pole’s hottest bachelor, fun-loving veterinarian Moses Lazlow, isn’t buying Ingrid’s ice woman persona. But can Ingrid trust Moses who claims she’s the catch of a lifetime? Or is he still just enjoying the chase?

Somebody Waits For You

Paige Turner, owner of the bookstore, Let it Snow!, can’t believe that GT Knight, mega-bestselling but ultra-reclusive romance author, will be meeting her public for the very first time in Paige’s little shop. To top things off, one of her best customers, the shy bush dweller she thinks of as "Bigfoot, but cuter," has suddenly started talking to her.

Ford has a reason for living in the bush, for being off the grid and for using the Wi-Fi at Let it Snow! rather than buying his own. He knows he should tell Paige the truth, but he’s been crazy about her for so long, he is dazzled by every minute he spends in her company.

When the truth comes out, will their fledgling romance die a quick, painful death?

We’re Happy Tonight

Crystal Milbrath, owner of the Lords and Ladies hair salon, is shocked when her ex-husband Kevin announces he’s getting married again. Determined to make the most of a weekend without her son, she gets swept away by a handsome man she assumes is a cruise ship passenger. Except she soon finds out Levi is still around, and that he considers their one night stand only the first of many.

Levi Ericson has no plans to leave any time soon. Despite the tacky Christmas decorations, the town seems like a great place to call home, something he never expected to find. Now he has an even better reason to stay in North Pole.

Can he convince Crystal to give love another try . . . with him?

6 September
Noelle Fox, LLC
Noelle Fox

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