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Hollywood takes in Alabama, but not for long. One woman thought she wanted the glamorous life but what she got was a backstabbing best friend and her spot on prime time television for the entire world to see. Back home, no one seemed to care that she had gone and screwed up her life, but there was one question on the tip of her own tongue that kept repeating itself. "Why'd you have to go a do a thing like that?" Not once did she see it coming, but when she went about making the same mistakes back home in Alabama, she knew she needed to get her wits about her. Only problem was, that the one man that mattered most might have decided she was too much drama to handle. It wasn't her fault that she was born with a magical drama disaster wand or was it? Could she learn to be the woman she was raised to be and let the man of her dreams know how much she loves him back, or is it too late and he decides that loving her hurts too much to be rejected again. Sometimes a southern man knows that if you love someone, she is worth it all in the end. Can this starlet claim Sweet Home Alabama once again?
Favorite quote that describes it all. "I was born with a tiara on my head and magical wand that created plumes of drama whenever I waved it."
Alabama chick lit goes LA chic, but not for long. Home is where the heart is and there ain't nothing sweeter than Sweet Home Alabama. Sometimes a girl has to fix her fancy before she can realize what is really important in life. If you were born down south, you would know that the hospitality runs a tight finish with southern cowboys knowing what the right thing is to do.
If life were as easy as waving a magic wand, we would all live in fairyland. Instead it's filled with hopes and dreams, triumphs and failures and a long dusty road home to where the heart is.

8 March
CJ Hawk
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