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A collection of Spiritual poetry which is rich in symbolism and meaning dictated to Veronica Leuken from Saint Theresa since the very early years of the shrine. Explanations of the poetic symbolism are included. Our Lady has strongly urged the propagation of this booklet throughout the world and especially to the clergy and the Holy Father.

In 1917, the Virgin Mary gave warnings and prophecies to three children in Fatima, Portugal. Many of these prophecies have already occurred with 100% accuracy. At Bayside, New York, Mother Mary, under the title Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers, explained in great detail the Fatima prophecies and the soon coming events upon mankind.

Veronica Lueken, the seer of Bayside, was a wife and mother of five children. She lived on Long Island, New York. The story of her heavenly visitations goes back to the year 1968 when St. Theresa began appearing to her and dictating sacred poem-messages. St. Theresa prepared Veronica for the first heavenly visitation of Our Lady in 1970. Before this Veronica had not received any manifestations from Heaven.

Our Lady Herself appeared to Veronica in her home on April 7, 1970, informing her that She would appear on the grounds of the old St. Robert Bellarmine Church in Bayside on June 18, 1970. Our Lady said there will be a miraculous spring and Our Lady will appear over the old church building and then the Bishop cannot deny Her appearances. It will be called the "Lourdes of America."

Our Lady asked that vigils of prayer be held there (now temporarily held at the Vatican Pavilion site in Flushing), and that full directions be given to the clergy of the parish to prepare for Our Lady's first visit there. Our Lady also requested that a Shrine and Basilica be erected on this Her chosen Sacred Site, which is to be named "Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers." She promised to come on the eve of the great feast days of the Church, which dates would be given to Veronica to disseminate the messages given to her throughout the whole world. Our Lord and Our Lady promised to continue to come to the prayer vigils until the Second Coming.

This book will give you great wisdom and comfort in a troubled world. With these new prophecies, you will discover how to prepare your family and loved ones for the days just ahead. You will be free from the anxiety and worry of the things to come. This is the second most important book you could read, along with the Holy Bible, in these last days before that glorious day when Jesus returns to the earth.

You will discover a new peace and serenity in this troubled world. You will see how much the Virgin Mary and Jesus love you. Most of all you will discover how to protect yourself from the great misfortunes coming in the near future.

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14 May
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