Octavius and the Perfect Governess

A Baleful Godmother Novel

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Publisher Description

A governess in jeopardy . . . and the marquis’s son who goes undercover as a housemaid to protect her.

Lord Octavius Pryor leads a carefree and untroubled life, until the night he visits Vauxhall Gardens in the guise of a woman.

At Vauxhall, Octavius discovers that being a female is very different from being a man. Annoyingly different, unpleasantly different, and—when he encounters the lecherous Baron Rumpole—dangerously different.

Determined to teach the baron a lesson, Octavius infiltrates Rumpole’s household, where he meets the woman of his dreams: Miss Toogood, governess to the baron’s daughters.

Suddenly Octavius has three pressing tasks. 1) Teach the baron to keep his yardstick in his breeches. 2) Keep Miss Toogood safe. 3) Convince her to marry him.

A word of caution: This novel is a bodice ripper, and I mean that quite literally. Bodices are ripped in this book—and not in a playful or sexy way. However, I promise you that all rippers of bodices receive their just desserts.

Length: Full-length novel of 88,000 words

Sensuality level: A Regency romance with mild love scenes

“A five-star wonder. Such a fun book to read. The characters had wonderful depth and I simply adored the plot.”

~ Goodreads Reviewer

Q & A with the author

How would you describe this series?

It's Regency England with passion, danger, adventure, humor, romance—and a dash of magic. The stories are emotional, but not sweet. There’s sex, and my heroes do swear at times!

Hang on. Did you say magic?

I did. But don't worry—the books are first and foremost historical romances. Only a few characters have magic, and it’s a deep, dark secret, and no one else knows.

But … do magic and Regency England go together?

Definitely! Many years ago I read Sorcery and Cecelia (or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot) by Patricia Wrede and Caroline Stevermer, and totally loved it and ever since then I’ve thought that Regency England and magic go very well together.

How would you describe your writing?

Several reviewers have likened my writing to Georgette Heyer, which is the hugest compliment ever. I adore Georgette Heyer! She’s why I write historical romance, and I reread her books over and over. (If you’ve not read The Grand Sophy, please do so!) I’ve also had readers compare my writing to Courtney Milan and Mary Balogh, which are also massive compliments.

Who would like this series?

This series will appeal to readers who enjoy the historical backdrop and humor of Georgette Heyer, the sensual ‘noir’ feel of Anna Campbell, the emotion of Mary Balogh or Courtney Milan, and the magic of Patricia Rice and Mary Robinette Kowal. Quite a broad range, really!

1 June
Emily Larkin
Emily Gee

Customer Reviews

Dvomik ,

Another fun and enjoyable read from Emily Larkin

After reading the blurb I was a little confused...how could the Governess not notice that Octavius was a man?  Well silly me...it's an Emily Larkin book... so it's because he used magic of course!  I love how Emily Larkin mixes magic with historical romance, it is always interesting to see what she (and her characters) will do next.   Her characters are always fun and likeable, and Octavius and Miss Toogood are no exception.  Yes there is a little bit of non-consensual bodice ripping, but nothing most people would find upsetting, and like the blurb says, the culprits get their just desserts.  It was wonderful to see a man experience "being a woman" and feel the need to do something about what they experienced daily.  Octavius and the Perfect Governess is another fun and enjoyable read from Emily Larkin.

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