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The "OmniGraffle 7 Reference Manual for macOS" makes it easy for you to learn everything you need to know about designing and prototyping in OmniGraffle.

Divided into three parts, the OmniGraffle 7 Reference Manual starts out with a basic overview of the app. You'll learn the language of OmniGraffle in the glossary, and quickly get up to speed by building your first diagram in the "Diagramming Basics" chapter. You'll also learn how to configure OmniGraffle's various settings, customize the keyboard shortcuts, and learn more object bounding boxes and the layer stack.

Part 2 dives deeper into the many new features of OmniGraffle 7. You'll learn about the new Sidebar, and how to use it for managing and organizing everything—canvases, layers, and objects—in your projects. Next comes one of the big, new features of OmniGraffle 7: Artboards. Artboards are a special layer type whose objects define an export area, or act as a container, for objects on layers higher up in the stack.

Additional topics covered in Part 2 include:

• Define an Infinite Canvas using the Canvas Size inspector

• Create Artboard layers and objects using the new Artboard Tool (PRO)

• Wrangle objects into an Artboard using the new Make Artboard menu option (PRO)

• See how to use the new Point Editor tool to edit the points of objects you draw with the Pen tool; and if you have OmniGraffle Pro, use Point Editor tool to edit and convert vector points into Bézier curves

• Work with the Inspectors to style objects and text, define the properties of the objects and shapes you create, define the canvas the OmniGraffle document itself

• Learn about the new Stencils window and how to share stencils with other OmniGraffle users on Stenciltown

• Use the new Export panel to output the image files you need, including exporting to @2x through @5x images sizes

• Open, import, and export basic SVG

The final part of the "OmniGraffle 7 Reference Manual for macOS" includes reference material that includes a listing of every single menu command and keyboard shortcut you'll find in OmniGraffle 7, as well as info on how to sync your files with OmniPresence or to iCloud Drive.

Whether you need a quick sketch or an epic technical illustration, OmniGraffle and OmniGraffle Pro keep it gorgeously understandable.


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11 October
The Omni Group
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