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For fans of Lauren Layne and Kristan Higgins comes a delightfully “fun bit of fluffy entertainment” (Publishers Weekly) in the first book of a charming new series, in which a young woman is forced to help her old friend revamp his image for the upcoming mayoral elections...and discovers that she might not be as immune to his charms as she once thought.

When Emmanuelle Peroni’s father—and current mayor of Hope Lake, Pennsylvania—suggests she help with Cooper Endicott’s campaign, she’s horrified. Cooper, one of her (former) oldest friends, drives her crazy in every way possible. But he’s also her father’s protégé, so Emma reluctantly launches her plan to help him win the local election.

It’s not as easy as it looks. Cooper’s colorful love life is the sticking point for many voters, and his opponent is digging up everything he can from his past. It seems that every time Emma puts out the flames from one scandal, another one flares up. Emma knows that if Cooper wants to win, he needs to keep his nose clean. The only problem? She might just be falling in love with the one person she promised never to pursue: the mayoral candidate himself.

20 August
Gallery Books
Simon and Schuster Australia Pty Ltd.

Customer Reviews

Marina Skinner ,

Overall a good story!

This is the first book I have read by the author and I have to say I did enjoy it somewhat. It was although a little long and wordy in parts, I genuinely liked the characters and the way the story went.
Being friends for a very long time, Emma is getting annoyed at Coopers lack of interest in his job and performing his duties! She has enough to do without having to do his work too! Cooper is running for Mayor and being pulled in a million directions! Will the slander from the opposition ruin his chances or can Emma make it go in a different direction??
What happens if feelings get in the way or will she stay angry!
The banter was good, the family bonds and long time friendships were wonderful and I especially loved the ending!
Overall a good story.

Erin Lewis aka Maimeo's ,

A good read

This is the first solo book I have read from this author and as this was the first book in a new series, I jumped at the chance to read and review.

I liked the characters of Emmanuelle (Emma)Peroni and Cooper Endicott, although the book was a little slow at times and it took me a while to get invested in the story. However once I was hooked I found myself enjoying the story and her style of writing.

Emma and Cooper have been friends for ages and when the current mayor of her town (her father) asks her to help Cooper revamp his image she does so despite her reservations. They have a checkered past and things are only going to become more complicated now that she is helping him.

Cooper wants to be the new mayor, but at what personal cost? There are so many people trying to dig up dirt and he is juggling so much he has no idea where to turn next.

Will Emma be able to help or will unresolved feelings get in the way? What happens when lines are crossed and attraction becomes to intense to ignore?

There was humour, intrigue and I loved the banter and camaraderie between families and friends that you find in a small town.

This was a good story and I am looking forward to reading more in this series.

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