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From USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Sucevic comes the third standalone novel in the Barnett Bulldogs series- One Night Stand.
Liam- The moment she stepped foot through the door, she was on my radar. How could she not be? The woman is absolutely gorgeous. Thick inky black hair and a sweetly curved body. Although I have to admit, this hole-in-the-wall dive bar doesn't exactly seem like her scene. For one, she's wearing too much in the way of clothing. Two, she's shooting down every guy that sniffs around her table like it's her sole mission in life. Casualties are scattered across the beer stained floor as we speak. And three, my guess is that she's a little older than the usual college aged crowd that hangs here looking for a hook up to stumble home with at the end of the night.
So, after a careful assessment of the situation, my current plan of action is to keep my sights firmly locked on the target as I bide my sweet time nursing a beer. Luckily, it doesn't take long for some drunken idiot to give me the perfect opportunity to step in and run interference.
Gia- The moment he slides his thick muscular arm around my body and pretends to be my boyfriend, I know I’m in trouble. But inviting the guy I can’t shake loose home with us for a threesome? Yep, I’m done for. Especially when the guy in question, the one who just can’t seem to take no for an answer, all but sprints away as if the hounds of hell are nipping at his heels.
A handsome face, ripped muscles, and colorful ink decorating your arms will get you a second look. Being funny and intuitive are what end up sealing the deal. He wants to buy me a drink. I’m tempted to let him. My insides are pinging like crazy right now and I can’t remember the last time that happened.
But he’s young. Too young. If I were smart, I’d walk away and forget about him... but I just can’t bring myself to do that.
Which is exactly how I end up in his bed at the end of the night with him doing the most delightfully wicked- er… sorry, I’m not really one to kiss and tell. Three orgasms later and I’m sneaking out of his apartment at the crack of dawn. I know that I’m never going to see him again because this was strictly a onetime deal.
We agreed.
But you know what they say about best laid plans…
They never quite work out the way you expect them to.
*This is a mature New Adult novel with strong language and sexual situations intended for readers over the age of 18*

21 November
Jennifer Sucevic
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Customer Reviews

SpideyHog ,

Take out every second paragraph!

Waaaay too much repetitive writing! Finally something half interesting would start to happen...but no let's interrupt for more of the same dialogue that was mentioned in the previous paragraph. Mood fizzles, skip another boring repetitive paragraph. This book was repetitive and went on and on about the same thoughts and concerns. Some interesting characters, but then we were treated to same old blah blah blah as in the previous chapter. Make the book half the length without treating the readers like they cannot retain any information. No need to repeat, repeat and repeat. We understand the concerns...I repeat - we understand! We get it! We got it! 😉

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