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Oops He Got Me Pregnant! Part 3 & 4 - 10 Erotic Fertility Short Stories

Total word count 39,001.

Please note that each of these short stories can all be bought as a standalone single story, as well as in parts 3 and 4.

Oops My Sister’s Boyfriend Got Me Pregnant!
Rachael cannot stand her older sister Tammy, who is making her life literally a living hell. Her response is to seek comfort in the most unexpected place, the arms of Tammy’s super sexy boyfriend Zac.

Oops A Stranger Got Me Pregnant, In A Packed Elevator!
Lindsey is determined to seize the next opportunity and live a little more on the wild side.
However, she had not expected that her next opportunity would involve trying to get to know a handsome stranger more intimately in a half packed elevator!

Bred By The Man Of The House 2
Rebecca has a big crush on her mother’s hunk of a boyfriend, Craig. An attraction that she has no clue is also very much shared by Craig.

Oops The Master Got Me Pregnant!
Anna is feeling bored and dissatisfied with her current existence, with the result that she is desperately seeking out excitement and new experiences.

Oops My Billionaire Boss Got Me Pregnant!
Dawn has had enough of Jeremy Rogers her billionaire boss and receiving cruel treatment at his hands. He is constantly taking her for granted and cares little for the extreme dedication she continues to show him.

Oops A Cop Got Me Pregnant!
When Karen’s sexy neighbour Ben, and cop by profession unexpectedly finds her on the verge of committing a petty theft, he decides to take her punishment into his own hands.

Oops A Magician Got Me Pregnant!
Zoe has never believed in magic, well that is until she meets André the magician! And it when André whisks her away and makes her feel passion and desire like she has never done before, that Zoe is left with no doubt that what she blissfully experiences in André’s expert hands is truly magical and will change her life forever!

Oops An Android Got Me Pregnant!
Lucy is very excited when she purchases the very attractive green-eyed male Android of her dreams.

Oops The Billionaire Prince Got Me Pregnant!
Julie’s finds all her hopes and dreams ripped to shreds when she is hit with her boyfriend’s painful betrayal. She knows it is time for some drastic changes to be made in her life if she is ever to be happy again, but of course it is easier said than done to take action.

Oops My Doctor Got Me Pregnant!
Claire is panicking that her life is passing her by with a string of past failed relationships and her dreams of having a loving husband and kids of her own fading fast away.

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30 June
Elizabeth Reed
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