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The hip gal's 21st century relationship guide to love and relationships, from bestselling author, Melissa Ambrosini.
Open Wide, from Melissa Ambrosini, the bestselling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl, is a radically real, upfront and no BS guide for women on finding and cultivating mind-blowing, heart-expanding, deep authentic love, real relationships and soulful sex - and when we talk about sex, this book isn't about the best positions, it's about how to show up as your best self, about how to be truly confident in the skin and body you're in, how to be vulnerable with your partner (or future partners), plus so much more.

It's a book that gives women the real tools they can implement into their life immediately for real results, to help them navigate their relationships, learn more about themselves on a deep and intimate level, and learn how to step into their full feminine essence.

'Melissa is passionate about breaking free of that which holds us back. My experience is that we all crave personal freedom and Melissa is leading a generation to be open wide to what that means for them personally. Melissa your passion is beautiful and I'm so grateful you share yourself with us all.' Carrie Anne Moss, Actor, Creator of Annapurna Living, Mother

'Melissa is committed to making the world a better place, one relationship at a time.' Marie Forleo, award-winning host of MarieTV and author of Everything Is Figureoutable

'This book is incredibly insightful. Melissa gives the most down to earth, fun relationship guide for REAL, modern women.' Madeleine Shaw, author of Get the Glow

'Melissa is someone who will help change your life. In Open Wide she shares her hard-won wisdom and insights so you can rock all your relationships to new levels of intimacy and fulfillment. A must-read.' Rachael Finch, author of Happy Healthy Strong

Body, Mind & Spirit
1 January
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Customer Reviews

Layno101 ,

So much gratitude for this book and woman!

I have never been more inspired by someone’s lifestyle and mindset than Melissa’s. Her endless advice on all things to do with health and love and happiness has brought so much more joy and happiness to my life. The words she has written in this book, Open Wide, are so powerful and positive and every woman would benefit from Melissa’s wisdom. I cannot thank her enough for the example that she sets that shows me I can have the life of my dreams.

Laura Kolomyjec ,

Love your work!

Thanks Melissa for your amazing podcasts and great books! You’ve also inspired me to enrol at IIN through your ambassador program, I’m so excited! Your podcasts are so informative, inspiring and make my morning walks so much more interesting ❤️❤️❤️

AriHarris88 ,

Are you ready to live your best life?

Seriously?? Then you are on the right track. I was in a dark place, stumbling through life’s hurdles and drowning in my own creation. I found Melissa’s podcast and one thing led to another. I put into practise wisdoms from her books, read books from visionaries interviewed on her podcasts and I changed my life. I have found love where there was fear, I found joy in my sons Autism, I found amazing friends and I found the real me. What have you got to lose?

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