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Bestselling Australian authors Sarah Williams, Leesa Bow, SM Spencer and Suzanne Cass team up to bring you a collection of their most popular Outback love stories.

The Sky over Brigadier Station (Brigadier Station book 2) - by Sarah Williams
He guards his heart. She yields to no man. Will a chance encounter set a course for true love?
Noah McGuire buries his demons deep inside. But when he's forced to return home to Brigadier Station to collect his inheritance, he can no longer avoid digging up his painful past. With the wounds of childhood trauma reopened, his world plunges into darkness until a beautiful pilot sets his heart afire.
Riley Sinclair isn't afraid to fly against the wind. While the spunky helicopter pilot's cattle herding business ruffles the feathers of most men, the handsome Noah seems different. But as demand for her skills grows, she worries that giving into passion could keep her dreams grounded.
As their chemistry soars, an unexpected tragedy throws their lives and their budding romance into a tailspin.

Charming the Outback - By Leesa Bow
A phone call changed my life. 
Without a logical explanation my boyfriend said it was over, travelled interstate to his family home. 
Since that day I've struggled to move on. 
They say 'time heals most wounds'. I decided on a different angle to heal… 
Determined to prove I didn't need him in my life I made some radical decisions.
One where I accepted a teaching position in the same small, outback town where he lives.
I thought it courageous.
My best friend knew me better and warned of the repercussions of revenge.
Learn from mistakes, right?
Even if it means breaking my heart all over again in an attempt to make him regret ever letting me go…
The best kind for a story.
And this is my adventure…

A Chance to come True (Copperhead Creek - Australian Romance Book 1) - S M Spencer
Caity Jones wasted a lot of years waiting for the "two kids, a dog and a white picket fence" dream to come true, but she's ready to move on now. Letting go of society's idea of the perfect life, she's purchased a five-acre property in the small rural town of Willows. She's determined to live a solitary life and become a writer. And that means staying away from men altogether.
Tom Murray owns and runs the local feed store in Willows. His marriage was a failure but his family is strong, and he can't imagine a world that didn't include his three young children. He's an uncomplicated man, living an uncomplicated life—and he has every intention of keeping it that way.
Both are mature … both have baggage … and both have agendas that don't include romance.

Shadows of Red Earth (Colours of the Earth Series Book 3) - Suzanne Cass
What if the only thing you wanted in life was your freedom? What if the cost of that freedom was the lives of your family?
Rose Simmonds wants to live like any other normal person. Away from her overprotective family and their dire warnings about a stranger from the past. Away from the cattle farm where she's been kept safe for so long. So, she hitches a ride with a stranger out in the middle of the desert.
Koen Babroda is hoping for a fresh start. He picks Rose up from the isolated dirt road and promises to give her a lift to Darwin. But he fails to tell her he's riding a stolen motorbike as he too, runs away from past mistakes.
Even though a physical attraction sparks between them, Koen finds old habits die hard, he has always felt like a misfit and a failure. So, when he betrays Rose, she is stuck in Darwin with no money and nowhere to go. 

1 September
Serenade Publishing
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