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This is book 1 of the Raging Reapers MC series! Books 2 and 3 are available everywhere now!

She lied about our baby.

Bridgette swore she’d do whatever it takes to get away from the biker.

But the outlaw’s kiss is a powerful addiction.

And when he comes to claim his woman and their secret baby…

All hell threatens to break loose.


When he left, he was a boy named Kyle.

But he’s back now… and he’s not a little boy anymore.

He’s become something I never thought possible:

A cold-blooded killer.

The man who came back home is an outlaw rogue with blood on his hands, ink on his arms, and the crest of an outlaw motorcycle club blazed across his leather jacket.

I don’t know where he’s been or what he’s done.

But I can see in his eyes that he’s different.

Tougher, crueler, darker, deadlier.

I loved him back then.

But he terrifies me now.

Because he’s discovered my secret, the thing I’ve been hiding from him for six long years…

Our baby daughter.

I can’t let him find us.

If he does, he’ll never let me or my little girl leave his sight ever again.

I have to get my daughter out of here, before it’s too late.

And I’ll give him whatever it takes to keep her safe.


I thought I knew what anger was.

Then I found out that the girl I left back in my hometown – my first love – has been hiding a secret baby from me.

And my rage reaches a whole new level.

Lie to me? Hide my family? Steal my little girl?

Hell no.

I’m far from a saint, but there are some things that I hold sacred.

And protecting what’s mine is top of the list.

I’m coming home to claim what belongs to me:

The woman I left behind… and the baby I put in her belly.


If you love dark romance about alpha male bikers and surprise babies, check out OUTLAW’S KISS by bestselling author Sophia Gray. This dark second chance romance is about a bad boy motorcycle club biker who comes home to reclaim the woman he left behind. He discovers the secret baby she hid from him. Can their love find a way through? Read this dark romance with sex and adventure to find out what happens next.

4 October
Sopris Page Press
Sopris Page Press Inc.

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