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Have you ever believed you’d one day cross paths with someone who would sweep you off your feet and offer you a life right out of a fairy tale?

When you’ve spent your life hiding from monsters, it seems reasonable that you might cling to a magical, fabled romance. 

I did. I found it was easier to look for the positive, to remain hopeful, and to sometimes imagine a fantasy-worthy life. 

I’m not sure if I did it for my sanity or to keep my brother’s spirits up. You see, Ransom Bishop is not only my brother, he’s also the one who saved me from a life that would’ve ended badly, and in doing so, he gave up so much. Since the day he stole me away from the monsters when I was nine years old, Ransom has been mother, father, brother, and best friend, watching my back and protecting me from … them.

For fifteen years, we thought we were safe and maybe we were. But then my brother helped a friend in need, and everything changed. 

They found us.

Now it’s a matter of life or death, and there’s only one person my brother trusts, one man Ransom is willing to be indebted to in an effort to ensure nothing happens to me. 

Talon has agreed to take me in. 

Under one condition: Ransom has to relocate with me, and he has to fake our deaths. Again. 

Little do I know, but Talon is going to change my perception, my ideals, and yes, he’s going to change my life.

My name is Braelyn Bishop, and this is my fairy tale.

This is the final book in the Office Intrigue series. This can be read as a standalone

23 February
Nicole Edwards Limited
SL Independent Publishing

Customer Reviews

Erin Lewis aka Maimeo's ,


The 8th and final book in the Office Intrigue series and it was a good book to end the series on. This is Talon, Braelyn and Ransom’s story and what steamy story it was.

We are back in the BDSM world and the scenes were intensely hot and it was good to see some familiar faces make an appearance. There was also mystery, intrigue and suspense as Ransom and Braelyn Bishop need to escape the bad guys which had me on the edge of my seat at times.

When Talon agrees to help them, it is the start of an adventure that no one expected. After escaping to Talon’s private island Ransom and Braelyn are introduced to a whole new world not only of BDSM, but voyeurism and a lifestyle beyond imagination.

There is certainly a lot going on in this book and as I have come to expect from Nicole Edwards, the writing was strong and the story had me invested from the first to the last chapter.

Jaxwright57 ,


4.5 Stars for Owned ( Office Intrigue Book 8) Owned is the final book in the Office Intrigue Series and Talon, Braelyn and Ransom’s story is the perfect finale to this series. As always this author does a great job when she takes us to her steamy, intensely hot world of BDSM but in this story there is also some mystery and suspense which will certainly keep you on the edge of your seat throughout this read. Random and Braelyn Bishop need help getting away from the bad guys pursuing them and it’s Talon they turn to for help and when he agrees things really start to heat up in more ways than one..... If you are looking for a seriously steamy read with the perfect mix of love, mystery and suspense look no further than Owned . Ms Edwards knows how to give us books that leave us swooning and fanning ourself and this is the perfect story to bring this series to an end on. This story intrigued me and as I have come to expect from this author we got strong minded characters with a hot tale to tell.

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