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"Paleo Recipes" is a recipe book designed for busy people that want time to prepare a Paleo meal without too much fuss. Food preparation time and how easy recipes are to make can play a major role in whether or not we stick to a diet or food plan.

Paleo can be quick and easy to prepare, while still being delicious. As we know this is possible because there is such a variety of foods to eat on this "diet". Paleo isn't so much a "diet" but more a lifestyle and change in eating habits to reduce processed foods and include healthy, natural foods. Preservatives and additives can often have an adverse effect on our health, so going back to foods straight from nature can be beneficial for weight loss and general well being. Low carbohydrate, dairy free, natural foods are better for all of us and quick and easy Paleo comfort foods hit the spot for nutrition too.

The Paleo recipes are many of my favorites when I'm busy getting home from work, but still want a nutritious meal to eat for my family and myself.This handful of healthy recipes can be used throughout the week. Paleo meals don't need to be complex, just delicious and easy! When the weekend comes and you get your time off from your busy life that is a time you can make the more involved recipes for eating Paleo.
As you know the "caveman diet" includes eating meats, so these are featured. I've included a variety of meals for different times of the day so you use some of these as your favorites too, cooking them time and time again without having to get a large Paleo cookbook out and go through a million and one Paleo recipes! These are my favorites so I hope you like them too. Here is an idea of what is in the book
- What Is The Paleo Diet?
- Building a Healthy Paleo Diet
- Paleo Recipes for Busy People
- Paleo Breakfast Recipes
- Paleo Soup Recipes
- Chicken Paleo Recipes
- Beef Paleo Dinners
- Pork Paleo Dinners
- Paleo Smoothies
- Paleo Dessert Recipes

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February 10
Jane Burton
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