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The color of your eyes will determine if you live or die in book 5 of this science fiction mystery series.

Geologist Alex Cave had discovered four alien artifacts that seemed designed to destroy all life on Earth. He thought they were locked up in the top-secret facility at Groom Lake, Nevada, but two of the devices have gone missing, and one of them is in orbit over our planet.

John Essex is fanatical about conquering space, and has good intentions when he steals one of the alien devices. He never imagined it would wake an artificial intelligence named Pandora.

Her spaceship carries a colony of human slaves, who have been in stasis under the ice for eighty million years. When she detects the signal from one of Alex's devices, she brings the ship to the surface.

Terry Hardin owns a research ship working for the Nordic Volcanological Center in Reykjavik, Iceland, and is sent to investigate a strange seismic event in Greenland. He discovers something has shattered the ice above the event and flies a drone over the area.

Alex is sent a copy of the recording and recognizes the mirrored surface of an alien spacecraft. He and his best friend Okana race to the sight and make contact with Seth, the ship's Captain, and Pandora's spokesperson. He informs them Pandora claims ownership of our planet and has discovered there are people with brown eyes among our species. She will allow people with blue or green irises to live if we kill everyone with brown, which she considers a degenerative gene that will infect her people. If we don't, she will destroy every person on Earth.

A fantastic ride, with thrilling scenarios, exhilarating situations, and nail-biting suspense, by this bestselling and award-winning author. How does Alex stop Pandora?

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Fiction & Literature
3 September
James M. Corkill
Draft2Digital, LLC

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