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Living along the Gulf Coast of Florida for as long as I have, being involved with fisherman and boaters as I am, it was just a matter of course that I would find myself on the water more than I really cared to. My reasons for owning this feeling are many and documented. 

It is not I have anything against the gulf waters although I do not have a big fondness for salt water. And it certainly is not because I have anything against the hundreds of good people who truly enjoy a day floating about on the water either fishing or just relaxing. No it is simply I know what can happen to me at any given time at any given place. These situations are not always, if ever, good.

These are two stories, basically all true, what can happen to a couple of men who know the waters and know how to be careful. Yet due to a couple wrong decisions the stories demonstrate just how quickly everything can be turned upside down. You will read of one event deathly serious with the other just being playfully amusing. 

Even though routine precautions are always taken before going out on the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and you can check and re-check for necessary items and emergency equipment, sometimes this is just not enough. As it almost always seems to work out in strenuous or critical moments it is the human element, the decisions made a that crucial moment, which is the deciding factor which mandates what the outcome will be in this current slice of life. As in many situations no life savers, no horns, no radios or phones can overturn the results of a bad human decision.

Sometimes what is required is that force more powerful, more wide spread, less understood but greatly utilized and is found in everyone’s past and probably their future. This is that force which a person cannot control, many times is needed and so appreciated when, and if, it shows up. This universal force we all know as luck. 

Although I did have basic abilities allowing me to survive I know it was this foundation of being lucky on that day which allowed me to be here today to write these stories. Honestly during one of these stories cataloging that fateful day I truly did not believe I would see another sunrise. I was most sure I would not see the sun set on that very day. Luck was there with me that day; I do not want find myself in a position having to rely on luck showing up again.

1 September
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