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No invitation, no alibi…

Jolie Goodman is at a low point in her life—she’s just been fired and her new boyfriend is missing.  She’s taken a holiday retail job selling shoes to regroup.  A feisty coworker pulls Jolie into a group of serial party crashers, and it’s fun…at first. But no one’s laughing when a body turns up at an upscale party they’ve crashed and they’re the only people who aren’t supposed to be there! Jolie vows she’ll never crash another party…if she gets out of this mess alive!  A humorous romantic mystery.

(This book features Carlotta Wren, the star of the BODY MOVERS mystery series, as a secondary character. If you’re a fan of the BODY MOVERS series, meet Carlotta before she was scared straight!)

“PARTY CRASHERS is a fun, stand-out example of the romantic suspense genre.” –Book Loons

“This is one of Stephanie Bond’s best books to date, and her narrative sizzles with just the right blend of sensuality, mystery, and humor.  There should be a notice on her books: For a really GOOD time, read Stephanie Bond!”  –AOL Romance Fiction Forum

“For a book that will keep you guessing until the finish, be sure not to miss PARTY CRASHERS.”  –Romance Reviews Today 

“Ms. Bond has created an amusing romantic suspense. Her characters are lively, creative and daring, and the plot moves smoothly and quickly.  Soon you find yourself laughing while also worrying for Jolie’s safety.  A truly enjoyable read.”  –The Best Reviews

"Bond lays on the laughs with such enthusiasm that “comic suspense” might be a better description [of the book]."     –Publishers Weekly

Crime & Thrillers
24 February
Stephanie Bond, Inc.
Stephanie Bond, Inc.

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