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Dragon's Mate

Kent is a firefighter and a dragon. Two things that don't go together, but it works for him. He pulls Melanie out of the fire. When she stops breathing, he revives her with his kiss. Only his kiss. That means she's his mate. Will the realistic and pragmatic technical writer ever believe in love at first sight? Kent has a big job ahead of him convincing Melanie that not only were they made for each, but that he's a part-time dragon. An uphill battle that Kent is willing to take on because the alternative is that he'll live his life alone. Not wanting that, he does his best to convince Melanie that they were truly meant for each other. Not just a passing fling!

Dragon's Fire

Since Gabriel's brother, Brent, died he has become a man with nothing to live for and not a thing to lose. A firefighter by trade he doesn't care if he lives or dies. If the sun doesn't come up in the morning so be it. But being a firefighter and a dragon shifter is the perfect combination and no matter how hard he tries he can't seem to push himself too far. 

His life has swirled into a repetitive cycle that he fears will go on forever until he happens to save a woman from a fire. When she finds him at the fire house and asks him out to dinner as a thanks he soon finds that both of them are in the mood for something other than food. He decides to take a risk and reveal to her what he truly is, but he is afraid of how she will react. 

Will she run away screaming or will their fiery passion overcome?

Dragon's Desire

Angela Spencer has never been one to toe the line and has always gone to the beat of her own drum. That sometimes gets her into trouble. She has only one sibling, but he's a deadbeat drunk living in Australia, working as a guide in the outback. She considers herself a loser in love and in life. This is proven to her beyond a shadow of a doubt when she loses one of her temporary jobs. It's the one that she loved the most and finding that pink slip on her desk is a shock.
She's outside after dark, not caring about her own safety, and walking with her mind awash with images of living in a box on the street. It's then that she notices something remarkable. She uses the video on her phone to capture what can only be described as a dragon. Soon after that, Regis Sunning, a billionaire businessman, takes an interest in her. Are his motives entirely pure, or does he hold a terrible secret that's going to come back and haunt him?

Jewels of the Dragon Shifter

On a hunt for jewels Sapphira Logan would travel far and wide. They were her greatest desire. She was a beautiful, young, rich collector who would go to any lengths to find what she desired. While jewel-hunting in the mountains, she fell off a cliff, only to be saved by a smoking hot guide, who turned into a Dragon to do it! 

The shock of that was diminished when she discovered she had found the lost valley of riches she was looking for. She discovered the valley was filled with ancient mythical creatures as well as riches beyond any possible description. Completely hidden from the outside word! 

Everything was there for the taking, except it was guarded by the dragon shifter who had saved her and attracted her. Sapphira was not going to let that stand in her way. She was a woman who would take what she desired. 

But leaving may not be as easy as she might wish when her own desires come forth to beguile her. Will she leave, abandoning her desire for love, to keep her desire for stones? Or will she try and have it all, as is her way? Either way she would be stealing the Jewels of the Dragon's Heart. 

20 August
Hot Alpha Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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