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Passion of Love: Lesbian Romance Box Set is a bundle of 3 sensual lesbian romances from steamy lesbian romance Evette White.

If you’re looking for lesbian romances that are heartwarming, sensual, and passionate, then this F/F romance collection is for you.

Contained in this boxed set are the lesbian romance books: A Carnal Desire, Accidental Love, and A Mature Touch.
A Carnal Desire
I never thought I’d get the opportunity.
Davina… she lived in my dreams.
I fantasized about her day and night.
She was drop-dead gorgeous… an absolutely stunning woman.
A woman I’d always wanted to touch.
A woman I’d always wanted to smell.
A woman I’d always wanted to taste.
Well, now I was going to get my chance.
Now, I was finally going to get the woman I always wanted.
And while I don’t know everything that will happen, I do know one thing…
I know this will be an unforgettable experience.
I know this will be the hottest night I’ve ever had.
Accidental Love
The young woman was clipped by a car, and I rushed to her aide. She mistakenly thought I’d hit her, and was understandably angry. I waited with her for help.
Picture my surprise when she turns up at my house later… to apologise for yelling at me.
And she’s just absolutely stunning. Beautiful, sexy, she steals my breath away.
And it’s moments like these that I hate that I like girls.
She makes my heart race, she makes my palms sweat, and she has no idea.
And she never can.
What are the chances?
She couldn’t possibly be a lesbian, too.
So I send her on her way, and think nothing more of it.
Picture my surprise when she turns up at my house again.
And this time… this time she tells me she wants me.
I never in a million years thought an accident would bring me love…
A Mature Touch
The moment I saw Bea at the wedding reception, I was besotted.
She was much older than I, but she was glorious.
I wanted her immediately, and fought tooth and nail to not get caught staring.
It was a silly infatuation… a younger woman lusting after an older woman.
Bea was graceful… she had an aura about her.
Just thinking about her made me you-know-what in between my legs.
But she was a married woman… married to a man. She’s got to be straight as an arrow.
There’s no way she’d be interested in a younger girl like me.
But when she invites me to a private meeting with her, I’m a nervous, mumbling, shaking wreck.
I departed the meeting hoping I’d left an impression.
And my heart skipped when I got a message from her asking if she could see me again…

22 July
Evette White
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