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From the Publisher that brought you popular short story series Witching Call, Hostile Hearts, Earthbound Angels, Ralph's Gift, January Morrison Files Psychic Series, Eternally Soul Mates Series, Eve Snow Psychic Series, Seasons of Love, Friend Zone, and now, a 2-in-1 Special Treat...

Find love in unexpected places and circumstances!


An Erotic Romance 2 in 1 Special!


a love story that ventures farther than seeking happiness one Christmas Eve, and finding love in the process...

The season's unexpected gift...

Christmas Eve is just a few hours away and Anna cannot pretend that she can survive it without crying buckets of tears anymore. On a Christmas just passed, her ex-fiance left her for her best friend. This ruins the season for her.

Enter the handsome, Ian, a charismatic stranger on the bus. He offered the handkerchief when he saw her tears, a listening ear when she told him why, and a smile of friendship before they parted — only to see each other again in a pastry shop before the hour is up. A painter, he offered to show her his work in his studio near there.

After seeing his beautiful nude paintings, Anna decided she needed the confidence boost and an adventure to offset the bad memories that make that season bitter for her. Thinking that he is safe and gay, she offered to pose nude for him.

But he is not so gay and he is totally attracted to her. Anna thinks there’s a possibility that she finds new love — until she finds out about a secret he has withheld from her.

Can she ever find love and happiness in this season of the year? And will his kept secret make or break her desire to stay?


“Love is not blind, it sees but it doesn’t mind.”

But what if a person falls in love with someone who is literally blind?

Finding love with the eyes of the heart

When Ashley meets talented writer Anthony Lang, she falls in love with him at first sight. How could she not when he has everything she wants in a man — attractive, intelligent, witty and kind?

There's only one problem. Anthony Lang is completely blind, and although this does nothing to affect Ashley's intense desire to be with him, his feelings of inadequacy render him unable to accept his own feelings for her.

Not content to watch the man she loves and admires deny himself the happiness he deserves, Ashley becomes determined to break through his tough exterior and help him awaken his heart to see the truth of his desire.

Would he see reason with his heart, or has it also become as blind as his eyes?

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5 December
Sandra Ross
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