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Does your partner sometimes irritate or frustrate you? Maybe you're not feeling as passionate about each other as you once did?

The truth is, unless you’re in the early stages of falling in love relationships are hard. Sometimes so hard you just want to give up. Or keep your feelings to yourself to keep the peace. Or ignore the problems, hoping they’ll go away on their own.

But if you understand how relationships work, they are much easier. The path forward becomes clearer. Your relationship can be a source of the greatest love, joy and fulfilment.

In a simple and straightforward 10-step format, this critically-acclaimed little book by Australian relationship teacher Astra Niedra, whose books are endorsed by relationship therapists and personal growth teachers worldwide, shows you how to transform a relationship into a passionate and fulfilling, long-lasting partnership that supports your personal growth.

You'll discover that every relationship is a perfect vehicle for the growth and healing of the individuals in it. And that most relationships can be far richer and more exciting than they are.

This book provides a clear roadmap for experiencing a relationship full of love, joy, passion, wonder, respect, healing and transformation.

This book gives you:

- A simple technique to strengthen your connection with your partner.
- The ability to identify which parts of yourself are involved in your relationship and which parts are being left out - and how to develop more choice about that.
- An explanation of the unconscious blueprints all relationships are based on - and how to navigate them so you don't have to replay old patterns repeatedly.
- The real secrets to communication - so you can solve any communication problem.
- The reason you are attracted to particular people - and how to use this knowledge for your personal growth and for the enrichment of your relationship.

With this knowledge you'll be able to solve all kinds of relationship problems, including codependency, neediness, lack of excitement and passion, diminished sexuality, attractions to other people and jealousy.

"I loved your book. It was very easy to read, and really brought my awareness to the 'mother' part of me even though I have no children! Not surprisingly, the first step has been the hardest. How can something so simple as spending time in your partner's energy feel so alien? It's been great working through the book with my fiancé, I appreciate him and our relationship a lot more when looking at it from a different perspective." Narrah

"The Perfect Relationship is the perfect book for anyone interested in relationship. Short and succinct, it gives an excellent overview of the steps that make relationship work. It has been very well received by our clients and is now recommended reading for our trainees." Paul and Robin Gale-Baker, Voice Dialogue Australia

"This was really enlightening. ...it provides eye-opening info and easy to understand cures for stalled relationships. An absolutely stellar read." BohemianLaura

"Provides extremely useful advice for people living a long term relationship. If we, readers, started to implement at least half of the ten rules, I am sure the world would change" Pierre Cauvin, Leadership Coach and co-creator of CCTI®, a Jungian Typology

"...filled with powerful, yet easy to apply, methods that can really improve any type of relationship. I recommend this book wholeheartedly." Michael Domeyko Rowland

"A wonderfully simple, clear and practical book on relationship that will be of great help to anyone who reads it. Astra Niedra has an ability to work with very profound ideas and translate them into language that makes them available to people with little psychological experience." Drs Hal and Sidra Stone

23 March
Astra Niedra
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

kat says nya ,

The best book I've read this year!

The easy steps in this book made it so much easier to understand my relationships! Definitely worth reading.

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