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What do you get when you mix a deadly reverend, a necrophiliac, a cop and an ex-con? Something perfectly twisted…


Sound like the start of a bad joke? Not to Shane Monahan. The ex-con and newest recruit to the underground criminal investigation group, A.T.L. or Above the Law, has it bad for Collier County Deputy Beth Price. But ex-cons and cops don’t mix, especially when this particular ex-con is looking at going back to prison for his involvement with A.T.L.


All Beth wants is a fun distraction from the stress of her job and law school. She thinks she's found that when she meets Shane during an airboat tour through the Florida Everglades. But Shane’s a felon, a man who could destroy her career as a deputy, and jeopardize her future as an attorney. She doesn’t know what to do—until dead bodies start showing up around the county.

When three abused corpses are found, the discovery brings a murderer out of retirement. The Reverend, as he calls himself, doesn’t like his kills being mimicked, especially by a man who abuses the dead—after all, the Reverend does have a reputation to uphold and a congregation to scam. Now it’s time to teach his copycat a deadly lesson…

22 April
Kristine Mason
Kristine Thompson

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Perfectly Twisted

Kristine Mason
Y. Perfectly Twisted 8/10
Free iBook. Good author. Good characters, good writing, sexy scenes. Rather gruesome twisted bad guys, and multiple murders. Beth is studying to become an attorney and works as a cop, to pay the bills. Shane is a pilot, who had a very successful business and life, until he punched a guy who hit his head and died. Shane got 7 years prison for manslaughter. There is instant attraction, but his felony gets in the way. Meanwhile an MD is practicing necrophilia because he can't get past his performance anxiety. He does a copycat body disposal, which angers the original murderer, the snake religion Reverend, and starts more murders.

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