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<p>Persuade Deep is the second short story collection from erotica author Parker Heimann. Featuring eleven action/adventure, fantasy, paranormal and womens/comedy erotica, the reader is treated to five M/F stories, three lesbian stories, and three stories with multiple partners. Fight on the wrong side of the law with sexy mobster Maria in her multi-part story; meet Holly, a working woman who can please any tastes.</p><p>For The Right Price
Don't call her a slut for hire, prostitute, or escort. Holly has the unique ability to give a potential client whatever he wants. It&rsquo;s a hard world for a single businesswoman, but Holly definitely knows how to take care of herself.

Domestic Wife F****r
He's just a rich socialite who knows what he wants and he certainly can afford it.&nbsp; He knows how to shop around, and after a great deal of browsing, discovers that he has a taste for the married life - only he doesn't want to be married! Luckily, there are a lot of ladies he can hire to fulfill the roles required for his wife.

Mob Broad
The story starts off by introducing us to Maria, a female mobster who likes her job and would do nothing else. She is the perfect hitman: ruthless, remorseless, efficient, and deadly. But that&rsquo;s not the only reason why her boss, especially her boss, likes her.

Mob Broad 2: Love Is Pain
Made man Gregory O&rsquo;Malley is a passionate man. He has a taste for the exotic; he loves his playmate Olga. Maria, a woman highly trusted in her connections to the mob, is sent on a little mission. She arrives and is oddly titillated.

The Persuader
Their minds say no, but will say yes after a while. Meet the persuader &ndash; a weird lady who will convince other women that it&rsquo;s fine to slip into a pool, go to bed, find something a little more comfortable&hellip; all until they find themselves deeper in the pit of desire than they ever expected.

Agrippa's Pupil
16th century Germany, a woman becomes an apprentice of the occultist Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa Von Nettesheim. It isn't long before she becomes his lover as well and an enemy of a magistrate that accuses her of witchcraft. He has to do whatever he can to save the beautiful Genevieve.

Bone Me Already
These comedians will do anything for attention, even if they can't get laughs&mdash;tell naughty jokes, strip on stage, and even sex stage. Kelsey doesn&rsquo;t understand the draw of the place, but she finds herself drawn deeper and deeper into the stage show as she waits for her turn on the stage.

Mob Broads
A group of newly found mobsters calling themselves "Saints of Maria" wrecks havoc across town. They consist of women alone and attack their male counterparts, namely, other gangs, and have orgies afterwards.

MachineGun And Gal Pal
Gal Pal loves Machine Gunn, and even though he is just a robot, he feels what he can for and with Gal Pal. They have fun and lots of hot sex between their various crime sprees. Little do they know that they are getting closer and closer to losing everything.

I Love Vampires LOL
Maggie dresses and acts like a vampire and dreams of being undead. She even avoids sunlight whenever possible. Maggie meets Natasha in an online chat room when she tries to chat with a real vampire one day, and she realizes that her dream just might come true.

Hint, Hint, Hint, You Idiots!
A woman suffers from one fatal flaw&mdash;being too hot. At least, that&rsquo;s what a lot of her girlfriends say, and it&rsquo;s why guys are too afraid to approach her for a one-night stand. She doesn&rsquo;t want a husband. She doesn&rsquo;t even want a date. All she wants is to have sex. Is that so hard for a hot girl to want?</p>

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21 April

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