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Education system – evolved

Political system – overhauled

Monetary system – abolished

The systems you believed were set in stone are merely droplets of water passing over its jagged surface, and in an ocean of possibility, our potential awaits.

In this revolutionary guide to world change, Hamish Nikora, a New Zealand born philosopher and strategist teaches us about our true potential as human beings. Revealing how the many layers of manipulation and programming have fooled us into believing the system we live in represents our greatest potential. It does not. And so he asks us:

What if there was a way we could introduce a new type of economy, digital, democratic, one that would undermine the transnational corporations and financial institutions to the point they were obsolete?
What if there was a new schooling system capable of giving students the opportunity to express their own unique talents and passions whilst learning from teachers who offered the same?
What if government really was made up of ‘the people’ and worked for the people, was smaller, more accessible and accountable?

Nikora considers himself a “warrior of the mind”, fighting to inform us of the brainwashing we have suffered through years of indoctrination into a sick society and oppressive system.

He takes us on a journey through the many layers of programming our minds have been poisoned with, helping us to ‘break the spells’ we are unwittingly under. Working first through the mental blocks holding us back from realizing our capabilities, then showing us the path to a better world by exposing the failures of our current systems and replacing them with new systems that will move us closer to our greatest potential as a species. 

In his captivating and often poetic style, Nikora presents his bold vision for a reorganized society where children are teachers, politicians are out of jobs, and money as we know it no longer exists. Creating a world of self-sustainable sovereign nations where corporate colonialism and globalism are destroyed.

Philosopholutionist paves the way for a new age, one that not even a visionary can fully comprehend. A book written to shatter perceptions, open minds, change hearts, give us confidence in our dreams, and bring those who would seek to strangle our potential to their knees.

15 December
Awakener Books
Ingram DV LLC