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Grandma Rose has always been the cement holding the Harding family together. Now she is gone, her daughter-in-law, Eleanor, is left to contend with three teenage children and barely an ounce of motherly love to share between them. 

Her twin sons, Adam and Adrian, are not intent on causing their mother grief, but her teenage daughter - the apple of Grandma Rose’s eye, spoiled and precocious, Celeste, is proving to be her worst nightmare. Ironically, both mother and daughter are two peas in a pod, struggling to tolerate each other, while deep down each longing to be loved by the other.  

Piece by Piece is an emotional and often humorous story, spanning over three generations of the Harding family. The innuendoes and tongue-in-cheek banter between Eleanor and Celeste is guaranteed to strike a chord with many readers, thinking back to that time in their lives when many a mother has battled to reign in her offspring’s tongue. 

This mother and daughter duo have the ability to evoke many emotions within the reader. They will make you laugh and make you cry, and at times throughout the story, one could be forgiven for wanting to choke them. 

Thirty chapters, told through the eyes of the characters, taking the reader on an emotional roller-coaster ride of love, lust, lies and deceit. The characters, though fictional, are believable and some may not be so lovable, but definitely very colourful.

15 April
Atom Adults Books
Cathie Annette Whitmore

Customer Reviews

Rio Reader ,


What a breath of fresh air this novel is. A humorous insight into the lives of a mother and daughter, Eleanor and Celeste taking the reader on a family saga we can all identify with. Looking forward to more from this author. A most enjoyable read.

Magnerfay ,

I love this book

I love this book. The characters are original, but true to life. Some you can almost hate, others are simply victims, but great getting to know ttgem all. Very easy, enjoyable reading. Great holiday reading.

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