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Life is random. For many, life is an enjoyable journey: most of the lows are not too low and most of the highs are compensation for the beige bits in between. Yet we know that the unforeseeable is always out there – and, by definition, it strikes with unexpected suddenness.

This begs the question: if our normal expectations (‘Plan A’) fail for any reason, do we have a ‘Plan B’? As a sizeable majority of us simply exist without the benefit of any set plan, it’s highly unlikely that we have something remotely resembling a ‘Plan B’.

Kylie Parker is a mother, a daughter, a homemaker, a professional accountant, a speaker - and now, an author. When Kylie went through a major personal setback, in addition to feeling bewildered and betrayed, she also felt very alone. She had never thought of having a Plan B – until life instructed her otherwise.

Part of her therapy was talking to others and in this she found that, while her experience was far from unique, the common denominator was that nobody she met had a Plan B either. That realisation became the genesis, the spark, and the motivation to write in order to help others in their time of crisis.

‘Planning Plan B’ is more than a book; it is a rich resource of help, with contributions from experts in different fields; it covers ten of the situations that can come at us from any direction, at any time. Kylie and her experts have assembled insights that will help every person who has the privilege to own a copy.

Life is random. And, with long hours and tireless energy, Kylie created Planning Plan B to help you cope.

28 February
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