Plant Based Cookbook: 50 Quick & Easy Plant Based Recipes for Rapid Weight Loss, Better Health and a Sharper Mind (Includes 7 Day Meal Plan to Help People Create Results Starting From Their First Day‪)‬

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Take the guesswork out of controlling sugar levels, lowering blood pressure, and boosting your health and vitality with this comprehensive guide to a plant-based lifestyle!

Are you looking for an effective way to keep your body weight under control? Do you feel like your entire body system needs a proper cleanse to free your body of accumulated toxins left behind by years of terrible eating habits and food choices?

If yes, then keep reading...

Study after countless studies has suggested the link between heart diseases and a meat-based diet. In fact, a study carried out in the Netherlands discovered that people who ate more plant proteins as opposed to animal proteins were at a much lower risk of developing a heart condition.

If you're reading this, you're probably put off by animal cruelty and want to change your diet to a plant-based one, without wasting time in the kitchen, but the fact that you have to put up with boring, tasteless meals is making you have second thoughts.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

In this insightful guide, Clarissa Fleming shows you why the plant-based diet is probably the best thing you can do for your body right now and destroys the perception of the plant-based diet as comprising of dull, flavorless, and bland food.

You're going to learn how to prepare and enjoy wholesome meals and avoid mistakes that many beginners make when adopting a plant-based lifestyle.

Here's a sample of what you're going to discover in the Plant-Based Cookbook:
Everything you need to know about the plant-based diet and how to effortlessly adopt the plant-based lifestyleThe complete grocery shopping list of healthy plant-based options from fruits and veggies to fats and plant-based milkThe secret, two plant combo that can reduce the risks of certain cancer types7 unhealthy foods to avoid like the plague when on a plant-based diet that is responsible for obesity and other eating-related disorders and diseases9 foods you need to minimize when adopting the plant-based diet and their replacement7 effective tricks to help you start and stick to a plant-based diet without depleting your willpowerThe definitive 7-day meal prep for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners to help you eliminate the headache involved in planning your mealsA toothsome, plant-based tofu alternative for lovers of tofu20 heavenly, plant-based recipes that will blow your mind to smithereens...and tons more!
Even if you've tried several diets in the past and for some reason, you were unable to commit yourself, or you're taking your very first foray into this journey of wellness, this guide clearly lights the way towards transforming your life for the better using the plant-based approach.

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Body, Mind & Spirit
16 November
Clarissa Fleming
Draft2Digital, LLC

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