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This book is intended to help youth soccer players learn about positions as they transition from playing small sided pack ball to 7 v 7 and beyond. 

It’s a cross-town rivalry game against the talented and tough Dynamo, but Alex and his team are confident because they know what each player should be doing on the field.

LearnSport Books was established to explain and simplify foundational sports concepts for the benefit of children, parents, and coaches as they progress together in sport.

We believe that sports are games and should be fun. However, interactive team sports involve complex concepts and rules, and learning the nuances of team sports can be especially challenging for youth. LearnSport Books titles will assist young players with comprehension of rules and concepts in a way that is engaging, inspiring and empowering.

LearnSport Books aspires to expand and develop the ways in which children think about team sport concepts, tactics and terminology. Each title teaches children to think independently while maintaining a collective understanding of the team during competition. This is an essential skill that helps young players in sport and in life. 

Our titles are not intended to supplant the instruction of a coach or the time a child spends learning a sport by playing it. At all levels of play the coach is the teacher, and the player is the student.  LearnSport Books provides fun, educational tools to support the coach in teaching and student in learning.

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10 January
LearnSport Books Publishing Company
LearnSport Books Publishing Company

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