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It’s self-evident that our education system is failing American students. This failure has at least four sources.

First, the defined purpose for education has been skewed and blurred during the past two generations. Originally, education was recognized as preparation for literacy and jobs. To accomplish this goal, education was focused on reading, writing and comprehension; with a leaning toward job preparation. Currently, education is designed only to make the designers of education programs appear successful. Education is not designed for a student’s purpose or a specific goal. Without a clear goal, how can the goal ever be reached?

Second, traditional family composition has been devastated during the past several years, especially since the inception of the ‘Great Society.’ Now, as many children are born to be raised by one parent as by two parents. A void has been created in America’s social structure that has created a void in the education structure. When a child has been abandoned by one of two parents how can that child ever feel fully supported - and important enough to strive for excellence? A government does not raise children; that’s a family duty and responsibility, and creation’s norm.

Third, the current government administration under Barack Hussein Obama is more focused on social justice, economic equality, and government control than on individual and personal success. Success of the many, society, cannot be achieved without first there being successful individuals. Success and education are individual things. There must be those who see themselves as more successful so others may see that opportunity - that door to freedom and happiness. The vision espoused by Obama is for everyone to be equal, thereby meaning mediocre - or less. Barack Obama has never focused any comments on individual and personal success for individuals. Waiting for a free handout, and having more children for a larger free handout, are not great education enhancement plans.

Fourth, our current education system is designed for failure - that’s failure in regard to what most successful people interpret as the purpose for education. That self-understanding is to prepare for a job, thereby resulting in prosperity, comfort, and happiness. Our current education plans are designed to support and facilitate the coming new world order. Under that NWO we are to all be equal - so social and economic justice will prevail on the entire earth.

Education is a personal thing and a family responsibility. This book gives parental skills and student study skills to help fulfill that responsibility. We must not allow the government to determine our individual and personal success. It’s too personal and valuable.

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27 April
Will Clark
Smashwords, Inc.

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