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Do you want to learn how to change your mindset, reduce stress, stop anxiety and learn positive thinking?

If yes, then keep reading…

Meditation and affirmations are easy methods to manage your emotions, quiet your mind, relax and be happy with yourself.

Meditation involves quieting the constant babble of our thoughts. This sounds simple, but it's not. Right now, stop thinking for ten seconds. You'll find yourself thinking about those ten seconds and why you're supposed to stop thinking. It's natural for our minds to question and to analyze. Meditation lets the body AND mind relax. When that happens, we gain a peaceful experience of calm and insight. 

Affirmations help you find the right motivation, free yourself from other people's judgments and develop self-confidence. All of that will deliver you a happier and better life. Practicing positive affirmations can favorably affect reality: a person who faces life with a positive attitude will always be more successful both in profession and in relationship than one who cannot take control of his thoughts.

This book covers the following topics:
14 powerful positive thinking practicesBeing positive in bad situationsAffirmations for positive thinking10 tips to avoid wrong affirmationsBreathing exercises throughout the dayGuided meditations for anxietyBody scan meditation for anxietyDealing with stress
…And much more!

Meditation and affirmations don't require long hours to master or advanced techniques to learn. Even if you are a busy person, you can practice them in your daily life.

You don't need much time to practice meditation: you can start with one minute per day and increase your timing gradually to 10 minutes or more.  

In the same way, you can take a few moments a day to create and practice affirmations. You can repeat them during your breaks, on the way to work or before going to bed.

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April 13
Awakening Transformation Academy
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