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When the ghost of a notorious killer possesses the body of an upper class youth, London's pre-eminent medium, Emily Chambers, must exorcise it before the spirit goes on a rampage. As if this isn't distraction enough, she must fight her feelings for brooding ghost, Jacob Beaufort, who doesn't like the new man in her life - the handsome and very much alive, Theodore Hyde.

With reputations and lives at stake, Emily discovers that navigating the poorest suburbs of London in search of the evil spirit is almost as dangerous as finding her way in a Society that thinks "freaks" like her belong in the circus. 

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
1 September
CJ Archer
Carolyn Comito

Customer Reviews

ChrisandDennis ,


I love the attention to detail. I love the trilogy and the storyline that makes you think the author was Emily. I am excited to start every new book this author sends my way.

Nanna Cath ,

Can't wait for the next book

Loved the characters and the plot! Fantastic please write swiftly I look forward to the next installment

Read dance sing ,


Y2. Possession 7/10
iBook. 2nd in the trilogy, this book was not as entertaining as the first.
Jacob, the ghost's sister, is possessed by an evil spirit who then switches to other people for what benefits he can get. The summoning and placing was done by a dusky skinned girl of 10 years, Cara, who turns out to be Emily's aunt, not her sister. Emily and Celia take Cara into their home to care for her, since her father, Emily's grandfather is kind but senile and crazy. Throughout the book Jacob is trying to stop the relationship with Emily, despite acting besotted at other times. He is jealous but encouraging her to date others. The mysterious villan who is trying to hurt Jacob and anyone he loves, is hooded and cloaked, which is a bit contrived in my opinion.

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