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Discover How to Potty Train Your Child in Just 3 Short Days with Special Techniques Used by Professional Child Specialists! 

The books on child development and media have somehow forced upon us a notion that a child has to start potty training sometime between the first and second years of life. 

Because of it, most parents take on a massive pressure that they subconsciously transfer on their children. They believe that if their child still wears diapers by the age of three, something is wrong, and they regularly seek professional help. 

The result of this pressured potty training is often a frustrated child that might even experience serious psychological or emotional problems later on in life. 

But what if there was another way to potty train your children, one that eliminates fights, wrangling, screams, and tears? A method that takes into consideration the emotional and mental state of your child, and makes the potty training process enormously easier.  

This book offers you just that, a set of professional techniques that will show you exactly whether your child is ready for potty training, and proven methods to make the process simple and successful, without putting too much strain on both yourself and your children. 

Here's what you'll be able to do with this book: 

Monitor your kid's readiness to start potty training

Slowly ease your child into the process, thus eliminating the frustration

Potty train your children with proven methods in just 3 days!

Use different techniques for boys, girls, and twins

Calmly and easily potty train children that suffer from autism and down's syndrome

And much more! 

This book does not offer a magic pill that will potty train your child by itself. This is a collection of proven and scientifically backed methods that work. 

24 September
Emma Ross
Draft2Digital, LLC

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