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The most drastic change with the internet has happened over the past few years. Websites like Facebook and MySpace are largely responsible for this change. Now, the internet is a social place. People form communities. They keep in touch with their friends and families, and use their time online to meet people from all over the world. 


This idea is so important to the way the internet works that it even has a name. Experts and aficionados call it Web 2.0. Basically, a Web 2.0 site is anything that fosters a sense of community whether it is a social site like Facebook, or a website that is powered by Wiki technology. In fact, it affects everything from content sites, social bookmarking, and even blogging. 

In this book we will be covering topics including:

- Web 2.0 Revolution

- Web 2.0 for Business

- Key to Your Success

- The Importance of Friends

- So, What is Facebook Exactly?

- What Can You Use Facebook For?

- Tools for Social Networking on Facebook

- How to Measure Success

- Monetize Your Facebook Account

- Join Groups Designed for Business Owners on Facebook

And much much more….

Facebook is a powerful social networking site that has a variety of uses. It is helpful to consider the site to be a blank canvas. Since there are so many tools and features on the site, people can basically control their own purpose for it. 

Download this book now find out just what is possible with Facebook for pleasure and profit!

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28 January
Ecom Crest
Ecom Crest

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