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"My experience showed me that the death of the body and brain is not the end of consciousness... What happened to me while I was in a coma is the most important story I will ever tell. But it's a tricky story to tell because it is so foreign to ordinary understanding."

When prominent US neurosurgeon Dr Eben Alexander goes into a coma after contracting a severe brain infection, his doctors tell his family to prepare for the worst - death or, at best, survival in a vegetative state.
Remarkably, Dr Alexander wakes up seven days later with his faculties intact. Just as extraordinary is his detailed recall of a near-death experience. Based on all that is known about how the brain works, Dr Alexander had no capacity, while in the coma, to create thought; his neocortex, the part of his brain that makes us human, had effectively shut down. So how was it that he awoke with a coherent and profound set of memories?

Near-death experiences have been well documented, but rarely with the kind of rigour and insight offered here. Dr Alexander has spent his adult life unravelling the mysteries of the human brain through the prism of medical science. His personal story is a moving account of facing death, and a compelling case for the survival of consciousness beyond the demise of the body.

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1 November
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Customer Reviews

Glentrev ,

Proof of Heaven

Very thought provoking, especially from a Christian perspective when one has experienced the love written about, in a spiritual context. Certainly brings to life the peace a person with belief in Heaven and God knows of death and afterlife. Insightful.

Shirazlover ,


It's trash. Total ripoff. Doesn't present any proof or explanation of the experience. Total ripoff. Don't waste your money.

Tovah122 ,

Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife

Fast-paced, interesting and personal, but unconvincing to the Christian, as it does not address the problem of wickedness and the need for God's sacrifice to bring us to Him into eternity.

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